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Menzie Chinn Joins Me in Nihilism

By on 12.3.09 | 3:11PM

I take Menzie Chinn's second attack on me as a compliment, as his blog Econbrowser is probably the most sophisticated economics blog extant and has been one of my favorites and a daily read for about two years now. But I fear for Econbrowser, because Dr. Chinn has established that I am a nihilist, while at the same time endorsing all my claims, which inescapably leads me to conclude that he, too, is a nihilist.

Let's approach Dr. Chinn's latest broadside, "Politico Joseph Lawler Goes Nihilist," piece by piece:

Be afraid, be very afraid...again. From Joseph Lawler

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On “Jobs Created or Saved” and the CBO

By on 12.1.09 | 5:37PM

Yesterday the CBO released, as mandated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, the stimulus bill), an analysis commenting on the reports filed by recipients of stimulus funds. I have argued in the past that interpretation of such analyses is difficult, and that the Obama administration's public interpretations have not demonstrated a corresponding level of exactitude.

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