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The Worst Idea in the World

By 2.5.14

Five years after the Bolshevik Revolution, Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises predicted that the Soviet project was doomed to fail. In his classic work Socialism, Mises explained that the attempt to replace the market system with central economic planning could not succeed, because the planners could not possibly have the information necessary to make all the decisions which, in a market economy, are made by individuals whose needs and desires are reflected in prices: "The problem of economic calculation is the fundamental problem of Socialism."

CEI Takes Down Myth that Choice Prevents Social Change

By on 6.29.11 | 2:27PM

I wrote about Renata Salecl's ridiculous RSA Animate video claiming that we are less free when provided with options, but Lee Doren of the Competitive Enterprise Institute goes much further, creating a step-by-step takedown. Watch and enjoy:

Among the Intellectualoids

Leftist Intelligentsia Dementia

By 1.5.10

Copenhagen was just the latest anti-capitalist thrust from liberal intellectuals.

Special Report

Twenty Years Ago, America Stood for Freedom

By 11.9.09

But that's of no interest to President Obama.

Freedom Watch

The Spirit of 1989

By 11.6.09

It was the spirit of human liberty.

At Large

China Confidential

By 10.16.09

For all its recent material success China can't come to grips with the ineptness of its governance.


A Familiar “New Face” at UNESCO

By 10.5.09

A former colleague recalls the Bulgarian ex-Communist recently named, with Obama administration backing, to head this key UN agency.

Media Matters

Pancake Red Stone

By 4.24.09

When it came to the Soviet Union, the journalist I.F. Stone wasn't so independent.

At Large

Scare Freedom, Scarce Fish

By 1.26.09

Cuba at 50 -- the only shortage is in the number of Fidel Castros.

Political Hay

Anatomy of a Scandal

By 10.14.08

The scarlet thread connecting Obama, ACORN, the Democrats, and your money.