Concluding Colorado’s GOP Chaos (I Hope)

By on 6.28.15 | 11:59PM

To my readers, acquaintances and friends who are involved with Colorado Republican politics, whether as participants or spectators:

The last couple of weeks have seen the Colorado Republican Party organize the most remarkable circular firing squad I’ve ever seen, even for an organization famous for them. I haven’t been a Republican for quite a few years and I have no particular love for the GOP but whenever a Democrat gets elected I feel as if something bad just happened to my children. So I have a more than passing interest in the party’s effectiveness even if I won’t get involved in its operations – or machinations – because it seems so full of people who do what so many have done during the last 14 days.

So let’s discuss what has been achieved:

Colorado Republican Chaos (UPDATED)

By on 6.24.15 | 1:04AM

What follows is perhaps the strangest political story I have ever reported on…this story includes major revisions from the first published version. This is the story as I understand it at 10 PM Mountain Time on June 23. Further updates will be posted at the top of this article over time, if necessary.

Colorado Republicans have a remarkable way of screwing up, making bad decisions, pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, and airing disagreements about those decisions publicly in ways even gleeful Democrats hadn’t imagined possible.

This year the controversy surrounds new Colorado Republican Party Chairman Steve House and a rather insane few hours last Monday; the situation and has become even more chaotic and confused with new revelations in the past several hours.

It began when what House assumed would be a routine strategy meeting with Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman convened with two unexpected additional participants: Pueblo County Republican Chairwoman Becky Mizel and former Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Poll of the Day: Cory Gardner Up 7 on Mark Udall

By on 10.30.14 | 1:48PM

Yesterday, the news broke that Scott Walker had pulled way ahead in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race, as either independents broke for the Republican or Wisconsin simply gave up on believing Mary Burke was ever a viable candidate, given that even her family tried to oust her from a position of leadership in their own company. Today, comes news that upstart Republican Cory Gardner may finally break the back of The Blueprint - the plan by high-level Democratic donors to turn Colorado blue and keep it that way - as he pulls seven points ahead of Sen. Mark Udall in the latest Quinnipiac poll.

The clock is ticking on Democratic incumbent Mark Udall as another poll shows him behind Republican challenger Cory Gardner in Colorado’s important U.S. Senate race.

Rep. Cory Gardner Enters Colorado Senate Race

By on 2.26.14 | 7:36PM

Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner, a second-term Republican from the Eastern plains of the state, has announced that he will be entering the race for the US Senate, joining an already crowded field -- but likely forcing much of that crowd out as Gardner becomes the immediate front-runner and a serious challenger to Senator Mark Udall who has been little more than a rubber stamp for the Obama administration. Gardner must be feeling somewhat confident, giving up one of the country's safest Republican seats to run in a challenging Senate race.

Gardner's move has major implications for both Colorado and national politics, a subject I will discuss at length in an article for these pages on Friday.

CO Senator Udall Tried to Manipulate Health Insurance Statistics

By on 1.9.14 | 12:44PM

Complete Colorado reports that senior staff of Colorado Senator Mark Udall tried to pressure the Colorado Division of Insurance to restate statistics which showed that approximately a quarter-million Coloradoans received health insurance cancellation notices (presumably mostly due to Obamacare.)

The Division of Insurance also rejected Udall's calls for them to support one of the administration's many unlawful "fixes," in particular allowing health insurance companies to reinstate canceled policies for a year.

Does anyone really believe that Democrats, especially those running for US Senate, will campaign on Obamacare?

Suing Colorado Over Renewables Mandates

By on 4.4.11 | 3:52PM

More about this later in the week, but today the American Tradition Institute Environmental Law Center filed a lawsuit against Colorado that claims the state's Renewable Energy Standard -- which requires major utilities to get 30 percent of their power generation from renewables by the year 2020 -- is unconstitutional. Because electricity is distributed to a grid that crosses state lines, the constraints put on power sales by the law affect several issues under the interstate Commerce Clause, which reserves those regulatory powers for the federal government, not states. You can read about our claims in the complaint we filed this morning.

Global Warming Meets Campaign Ad

By on 10.15.10 | 7:46PM

The Colorado gubernatorial race is a mess for Republicans, with former Congressman Tom Tancredo jumping in as a third party candidate against GOP nominee Dan Maes, with the expectation that the fracturing on the right will benefit the Democrat, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. But this ad produced by my friends at the Western Tradition Partnership, which attacks Hickenlooper's advocacy to spend heavily to fight global warming, might have some effect:

Obama Tries to Save Sen. Bennet in Colorado Primary

By on 8.4.10 | 7:28AM

In a year where the insurgents-versus-establishment theme has played out repeatedly in Republican primaries, Democrats have their own insurgency in Colorado. Former state legislator Andrew Romanoff has  mounted a strong primary challenge to Sen. Michael Bennet, who was hand-picked to fill the seat vacated when Obama tapped Sen. Ken Salazar as his Secretary of the Interior. The mostly mail-in primary concludes next Tuesday, and a recent poll showed Romanoff surging. 

President Obama has already headlined one event in Denver for Bennet, and last night called into a "tele-town hall" conference call that reportedly reached more than 20,000 Colorado Democrats:

Another Classic Colorado Ballot Initiative

By on 3.26.10 | 3:46PM

After yesterday's revelation about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's dismantling of his state's global warming regulatory infrastructure, today a grassroots citizens group announced they would attack the renewables rent-seeking industry via a Colorado ballot initiative.

Campaign Crawlers

Great Scott

By 2.18.10

A conservative opportunity in Colorado, where Scott McInnis is well positioned to win the open gubernatorial seat.