He Found One! He Found One!

By on 12.14.09 | 4:07PM

Of all the faux-na and flora-children flitting through Copenhagen, Lord Christopher Monckton found the one activist -- from Greenpeace -- who was glad to hear the news that there's been no global warming for 15 years.

Who’s Big Global Warming’s Daddy?

By on 12.10.09 | 10:54AM

USA Today's house editorial today bemoans the fact that Climategate "gives ammunitiion to the skeptics," but concludes that "the overwhelming scientific consensus remains that the Earth is warming, largely because of human activity, with potentially calamitous consequences involving melting ice caps, rising sea levels and shifting agricultural patterns."

Nothing Personal

By on 12.5.09 | 3:18PM

A lot of us have more than one email account -- one for personal use, and one for work. We do that for several reasons. We want to keep our private lives separate from our professional activities.

Who’s CRU’s Daddy?

By on 12.4.09 | 4:31PM

Oh, that Anthony Watts! He beat me to the punch (wouldn't be surprised if others did too -- at this point it's almost impossible to track all the bloggers working this) on the "Big Oil funds alarmism" theme that shows up in several of the Climategate emails.

Stimulus Meets Climategate

By on 12.4.09 | 1:38PM

Yesterday's White House Jobs Forum included a "green economy" component, in which "East Coast urban entrepreneurs" sought to ingratiate themselves with the Obama Administration so as to obtain government subsidies for products and services that nobody wants. Watch for the deals to be consummated in the next stimulus bill.


Dead Ringer

By 12.4.09

In a prelude to Climategate, an East Anglia global warmist withheld critical data on tree ring growth. We now know why.

Heat on Mann at Home

By on 12.3.09 | 1:46PM

Pennsylvania State University's Climategate guy, hockey stick creator Michael Mann, has already come under scrutiny from the school over suspicions that he manipulated data to fit his global warming alarmism faith.