Group: Mann’s Stimulus Should Be Returned

By on 1.14.10 | 11:20PM

In early December I reported in this space that Penn State University Climategate scientist Michael Mannreceived $541,184 in stimulus funds, which the school claimed was creating 1.62 (presumably "green") jobs.

Re: Group Demands REAL Investigation Into Mann

By on 1.13.10 | 4:23PM

Following up from yesterday, a local ABC news station in Harrisburg did a fair-and-balanced story about the Commonwealth Foundation's call for an outside, independent investigation of Penn State's Climategate scientist, Michael Mann.

Group Demands REAL Investigation Into Mann

By on 1.12.10 | 1:40PM

The Commonwealth Foundation in Harrisburg, Pa. does not trust Pennsylvania State University to investigate Climategate hockey sticker Michael Mann, because of the millions of dollars that his science research brings to the university.

More Attacks on Jobs in Michigan

By on 1.4.10 | 8:40PM

If anybody got the idea that Climategate and the Copenhagen failure, and the increasing disbeliefamong the public that global warming catastrophe is around the corner, would accumulate to drive alarmists to repent from their promotion of phony climate data and fraudulent analysis (both economic and scientific), then they don't know them well enough.

Two Articles, Same Day

By on 1.3.10 | 8:43PM

From the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press today, an article about how scientific consensus on the threat of global warming still exists, despite the revelation of the Climategate emails weeks ago.

Special Report

Wikipedia Meets Its Own Climategate

By 12.30.09

Wikipedia's founder asks for "civility" even as it's revealed that "Wikipedia's Green Doctor rewrote 5248 climate articles."

White Christmas Dream Comes True

By on 12.26.09 | 8:59AM

With reports of Dallas's first Christmas snow in more than 80 years, and nearly 2/3 of the lower 48 states with ground coverage of the white stuff yesterday, my friend Joe Bastardi at AccuWeather sawhis bold-but-responsible forecast from early in the month fulfilled.

Ben Santer is Smiling Somewhere

By on 12.18.09 | 3:01PM

Danish police knock Lord Christopher Monckton unconscious outside the Bella Center.

A Further Perspective

The Great Hoax

By 12.16.09

The breathtaking dishonesty of the global warming racketeers.

Post’s Robinson Partly Right About Palin’s ‘Climategate’

By on 12.15.09 | 6:25PM

Liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson today writes about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's policy flip-flop on global warming and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.