A Further Perspective

Climategate: This Time It’s NASA

By and 3.2.10

The politicized nature of climate science remains in permanent orbit.

Here Comes Rhymin’ Marlo

By on 2.18.10 | 12:19PM

The Competitive Enterprise Institute's Marlo Lewis riffs on the global warming 180-degree turn, utilizing an obscure Simon and Garfunkel tune.

Special Report

The Disappearing Science of Global Warming

By 2.17.10

The only currently reliable temperature record is the one produced by U.S. weather satellites.

Capitol Ideas

A Disgrace to Science

By From the February 2010 issue

For about a generation, the Western world has been coping with a politicized attack on science by the very people who should have been guarding its integrity.

American Enviro-media Still MIA

By on 2.5.10 | 11:41AM

Stories (thanks to Climate Depot), since the Climategate story broke in November, that discredit "consensus" global warming science and the UN IPCC -- mostly from British media.

PSU Investigators Don’t Inspire Confidence

By on 2.3.10 | 3:28PM

As mentioned earlier, today the three-person panel appointed by Penn State University to investigate Climategate scientist Michael Mann released their findings.

Deeper Investigation Into Mr. Hockey Stick’s Behavior

By on 2.3.10 | 12:50PM

The findings from Penn State University's investigation into Climategate scientist Michael Mann were due this week, and today the university announced today that one allegation warranted further scrutiny.

Has Time Rewritten Every Line?

By on 2.2.10 | 4:27PM

Looky here today: The Lancet, a medical journal, retracts a 1998 paper that linked a measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism because of unethical conduct by its author, and the media is all over it.

Stop the Change Awards

By on 1.28.10 | 4:08PM

I imagine just about everyone at one time or another has been added to a mailing list of an organization or candidate who doesn't align with their worldview.

Discredited IPCC Also Reveals Media’s Malpractice

By on 1.26.10 | 4:17PM

At his BBC blog Andrew Neil lays out the itemized fraud from the 2007 UN IPCC report that has been rolling out in recent days, previously reported by the BBC and other formerly mainstream media as "sound" and "consensus" science.