Top Mann Nemesis: He’s Not a Fraud

By on 5.17.10 | 5:59PM

The person who was most instrumental in debunking Climategate scientist Michael Mann's hockey stick chart, Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit, said last night that he did not believe his scientific misrepresentations rose to the level of fraud. 

More Grief for Mann

By on 5.4.10 | 4:02PM

Virginia attorney general Kenneth Cuccinelli II has filed an exhaustive investigative request with the University of Virginia, seeking records pertaining to research grants obtained by Climategate scientist Michael Mann.

Re: Hide the Decline, Part Doh!

By on 4.21.10 | 7:29PM

Yesterday I posted about Minnesotans for Global Warming's new parody video about Climategate hockey stick scientist Michael Mann. Well, today YouTube removed the video allegedly because of a copyright claim made by JibJab. However, no JibJab animation was used for the new video, as the No Cap and Trade coalition explained in a press release. It's been reposted by Fox News and can be seen here.

Hide the Decline, Part Doh!

By on 4.20.10 | 1:10PM

After receiving litigation threats from Climategate scientist Michael "Hockey Stick" Mann over the use of his image in the enormously popular "Hide the Decline" video, Minnesotans for Global Warming's Elmer Beauregard removed it from the group's YouTube page.

Time for Lunch, Not an Interview

By on 4.13.10 | 9:50AM

Bill O'Reilly last night showed footage of Fox News reporter Jesse Waters trying to get answers out of Al Gore about Arctic sea ice recovery and his financial interests in his continuing effort to keep global warming environoia alive.

Canadian Defense Against Climategate

By on 4.5.10 | 9:45AM

As Climategate exploded prior to a December U.N. conference in Copenhagen that failed to produce a global agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions, top environmental officials in Canada tried to paint a happy face on the scandal.

Quick Climategate Scrubdown as Election Approaches

By on 3.31.10 | 4:15PM

As with the whitewash we saw when Penn State University investigated Climategate scientist Michael Mann, members of a science and technology select committee within the British Parliament cleared Phil Jones, the director of the Climatic Research Unit at University of East Anglia, of wrongdoing.

What a Bunch of Krupp-ola

By on 3.26.10 | 5:24PM

The New York Times reports that cap-and-trade as energy policy is dead, and does not mentionClimategate (and subsequent Warming Scandalgates) anywhere as a cause.