Extremists Destroy the Splendors of Babylon

By on 7.28.14 | 5:31PM

ISIS have expelled all the Christians from their territory in Mosul and commenced destroying evidence of any faith other than their own twisted brand of Sunni orthodoxy.

As predicted, the treasures of Iraq's past, which are the heritage of the three Abrahamic faiths, are being obliterated. ISIS removed the worshippers from the mosque at the tomb of the prophet Jonah and bombed it into oblivion, according to the Christian Post. The shrine is associated with the prophet Jonah, whose aquatic adventures Jews, Christians, and Muslims all know from their respective scriptures. Like many ancient holy sites, it was built atop ruins of even older churches where earlier centuries of faithful had worshipped. It was sacred to all the Abrahamic faiths and known as a symbol of the area's religious heritage.

Remaining Iraqi Christians Expelled

By on 7.21.14 | 4:18PM

The most prominent Christian landmark in Iraq was emptied of its Christians on Sunday. Mar Behnam is a Syriac Catholic church that was built by a fourth-century Assyrian king. The church was his penance for killing his son, a Christian convert. It is now under the control of Islamic extremists from ISIS, and the monks having been sent away with nothing but the clothes on their backs, according to AFP. They walked for miles before Kurdish Peshmerga forces picked them up and took them to Qaraqosh. 

The monks were the last Christians to leave the plains of Iraq; a few still live in Baghdad, but the rest have fled to Kurdistan.

Piers Morgan: King of the Chronological Snobs

By on 12.9.13 | 12:10PM

Pastor Rick Warren sat down with Piers Morgan to talk about a variety of topics including homosexuality. Piers Morgan has long be a tireless advocate for same-sex marriage and he can't quite comprehend those who are standing on the wrong side of history. Morgan's argument centered on how Pastor Warren needed to change with the times. He snidely remarked that Warren had an extensive library, but that many of the scholars in his library have come around on gay marriage. How could he, a smart man, possibly disagree with popular consensus? This line of reasoning echoes the general progressive belief that "new is always better." C.S. Lewis thought such arguments were "chronological snobbery." Lewis described how he was disabused of such notions in the story of his conversion, Surprised by Joy.

The Nation's Pulse

Bakery Bullies

By From the October 2013 issue

On a cold morning this past January in Gresham, Ore., Aaron Klein sat down with two customers at the bakery he owned with his wife, Sweet Cakes by Melissa. The two women, a bride and her mother, were making plans to purchase a wedding cake. Before discussing the details, Klein asked his customers a few standard questions. When would the wedding be? What was the groom’s name? At the second question, there was an awkward hesitation, and the mother explained that this would be a wedding between two brides. Klein politely but firmly told them that because of his and his wife’s Christian beliefs, they would not bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Without a word, the bride and her mother got up and left.

Oh, Deer

By on 6.15.11 | 8:10AM

Everything was going great with basketball camp at my church this week -- that is, until a special visitor showed up...