Trump Sign Angers Chicago Obama Supporters

By on 6.14.14 | 1:40PM

You just have to love this flurry of indignant stories (as here, to cite just two) coming out of Chicago.

It seems that some prominent denizens of that fine city are outraged — outraged! — at the fact that Donald Trump’s brand new Trump Tower that graces the banks of the Chicago River has a huge sign going up on the side of building that says…wait for it… “TRUMP.”

Oh the humanity! Mayor Rahm Emanuel is enraged. He called the sign — really, no kidding — “tasteless.” And the Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic, one Blair Kamin, is beside himself, calling it a “self-indulgent branding exercise.” And more.


One has to wonder if any of these Trump critics actually live in Chicago. Why would I wonder that? Well, I’ve been to Chicago. A terrific city, with many things to see. Like what?

Unions and their war against the public

By on 4.6.14 | 3:13PM

Thanks to the Cato Institute's Walter Olson, a former colleague of mine, for highlighting public employee unions and their war against the public. Via his Facebook page, Olson gave his characteristically sharp take on an article about a recent train crash at Chicago's O'Hare Airport:

Don't you love unions? "The CTA's contract with the Amalgamated Transit Union authorizes the agency to fire rail operators who have had *two* [emphasis added - W.O.] serious safety violations in a short period of time, and officials said the two incidents when Haywood dozed off qualify her for termination." Falling asleep just once at the controls of a train wasn't enough!

In Chicago, Every Day Is “Ditka Day”

By on 12.10.13 | 11:31AM

My beloved Chicago Bears honored the greatest mustache in NFL history Monday night by retiring Hall of Fame tight-end and coach Mike Ditka. Governor Pat Quinn—Democrat, Peoples Republic of Illinois—did what he does best and raised the stakes (think: taxes) even higher. 

From CBS News Chicago:

Gov. Pat Quinn’s office says Monday that he’s declared it “Mike Ditka Day” in honor of the former Chicago Bears player and football coach.

The Hall of Famer’s No. 89 was retired during a halftime ceremony Monday night as the Bears played the Dallas Cowboys.

It continues:

Ditka was drafted by the Bears in 1961 and played for the team through 1966. He also played and coached (as an assistant to Tom Landry) for the Cowboys.

He returned to coach from 1982 until 1992.

ShoreBank Prez: White Bankers ‘Deserve to be Pressured’

By on 7.2.10 | 3:09PM

Crain's Chicago Business reports that politically-connected, Obama/Clinton-favored ShoreBank got extra nervous this week when Congress killed TARP in order to help pay for measures in the financial reform bill, but according to an anonymous administration official, the community lender with a global heart is still alive as those who applied before June 25 still qualified for funds.

Denial Runs to the Shore(Bank)

By on 6.25.10 | 11:30AM

Earlier this week the White House issued denials to the Chicago Sun-Times that it played any role in pressuring Wall Street firms (including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup) to ante up $20 million each to help bail out the presidentially pampered community institution, ShoreBank.

The Obama Watch

The Obama Olympics

By 6.25.09

Last week, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley led a delegation to Lausanne, Switzerland, where the Windy City made its bid in front of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Chicago is competing against Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo to host the games. The IOC will announce the host city on October 2 in Copenhagen.