Providence College Bans V Monologues

By on 1.20.06 | 12:47PM

My alma mater's new president, Fr. Brian Shanley, has seen the light on the Vagina Monologues. After administrators had feared for years to take a stand on the vulgar feminist program, Shanley has taken a commendable stand.

Shanley wrote a letter to the college yesterday:

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‘Twas the Night Before


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Mormonism Spelled Out


David Holman's Mormon problem. Plus: Cycling Indurain. Castro Kennedyiana. The physics of Korean cloning. And much more.

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Romney’s “Mormon Problem”

By 12.15.05

Mitt Romney is aiming for the presidency. Will Americans accept a Mormon candidate?

Re: Brooks, Catholics, and Capitalism

By on 12.15.05 | 10:51AM

I'm at a loss -- if the Catholic Church was behind the Industrial Revolution, did England lead the way because of what were essentially copyright violations? I'm willing to accept that Catholicism played a large part in preparing people intellectually for great achievements -- repudiating the charge that it was a burden is important -- but the spread of literacy and the cultural implications of memorizing psalms as Weber describes is valid enough to consider. Brooks starts to head down the road of the argument that "the Catholics really did it, not the Protestants."

Brooks, Catholics, and Capitalism

By on 12.15.05 | 10:33AM

Since I excoriated David Brooks last week, I'm obligated to praise him when he gets it right this week. And he gets it right today. Here's a taste:


Ideas and culture drive civilizations. The Catholic Church nurtured one of the most impressive economic takeoffs in human history. Today, as Catholicism spreads in Africa and China, it's important to understand the beliefs that encourage people to work hard and grow rich.

Now, Mr. Brooks, I'd like 2000 words reconciling this argument with Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

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Cross Borders


Our immigration messiness -- some major differences of opinion. Plus: Protected priesthood. Richardson undrafted. Science mavens. And much more.

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The Babbinization of America


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The Agony of Victory


Counting our losses, and other Democratic games. Plus a letter from Prof. Kenneth Miller. And much else.

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The Origin of Speciousness

By 11.17.05

Darwinism is an intrinsically atheistic theory. If you doubt this, just read the words of Darwinist Edward O. Wilson.