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Be Catholic, Just Not Too Catholic

By on 3.2.06 | 6:41AM

Catholic Charities in Massachusetts is under pressure to allow gay adoptions, especially because of the state's antidiscrimination laws. Seven board members, apparently previously confused about what kind of Catholicism they were working for, resigned yesterday in protest. But the state's bishops and Catholic Charities are taking a stand. It appears that Gov. Mitt Romney is assisting Catholic Charities through these shoals: he thinks they should be able to continue their mission and stay faithful to Church teachings, but cannot create an exception through executive order.

With potential implications for his potential presidential run, Romney's spokesman declined to say whether the governor also opposed gay adoption -- but a home with a mother and a father is the "ideal setting." Pressed for more, he said, "I'm going to let the 'ideal' statement speak for itself." Look for reporters to pose that one more directly to the governor.

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Steele Shouldn’t Apologize

By on 2.10.06 | 1:24PM

Maryland Lt. Gov Michael Steele, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, has apologized for likening embryonic stem cell research to the Nazis' medical testing on Jews. Consider his remarks:

Look, you, of all folks, know what happens when people decide they want to experiment on human beings, when they want to take your life and use it as a tool.

Okay, fine. He's violated the unwritten rule of polite political discourse (the name of the rule escapes me): don't refer to Hitler or the Nazis. But really, in this case, what's Steele's offense? He supposedly trivialized "the pain and suffering of more than 6 million Jews." That's his language from his apology statement.

If anything, proponents of ESCR trivialize that pain and suffering by refusing to learn from it. Not only did Nazis treat humans as objects for medical experiments, but they targeted the weakest among us. Today, ESCR would be right up their alley.

Noll to ND

By on 2.10.06 | 11:27AM

Wheaton College's foremost scholar, historian Mark Noll (The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind), is headed to the University of Notre Dame in the fall, Christianity Today reports. As a little background, Wheaton is the evangelical Christian school that just okayed dancing among its students a couple years ago and recently fired a popular professor when he converted to Catholicism. So the irony is a little rich, even if Professor Noll is only swimming the Tiber in profession and not confession.

At Mirror of Justice, Rob Vischer reacts:

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