RE: Kos Is Just Plain Stupid

By on 8.22.07 | 2:52PM

So Jindal is a Catholic who actually believes in the core teachings of Catholicism. Scandalous!

If He’s Hated by NY Libs,He Can Make it Anywhere

By on 8.13.07 | 1:50PM

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The Cross Still Stands

By 7.30.07

Michael Burleigh's magisterial study of the clash of religion and politics over the last century.

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Unbelievable Hitchens

By 7.10.07

His new book opposing theism stacks the deck against the faithful.

Another Perspective

The Duke of America

By 6.27.07

How John Wayne survives the worst of times.

Special Report

Be Afraid, Be Somewhat Afraid

By 5.17.07

The Muslim birthrate may be down in Europe -- but what's left of European Christianity won't be spared, a leading scholar predicts.

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State of the Race


Competing without a finish line. Bush leads and trips. Falwell's presence. Rudy laps the field. The closing gun. Plus much more.

Campaign Crawlers

The Eye of the Rudy

By 5.14.07

In Houston, Giuliani gets his groove back.

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Giuliani Jitters


Rudy vs. Reagan, the debate continues. Dueling guitars. Good political sports. Circuit City and Christianity. Plus much more.

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Assimilation Breakdown


Who are "we" to judge Muslims in our midst? Secret ballot abandonment. St. George Galloway. Elvisiana. Turn off the tube. A fictional Abe Grossman.