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Wright and Wrong


Rating a preacher's sermons -- it can be done. Also: Democrackup. Slow the veep down. Planned abortions. Hail J.C. Watts. Plus more.

Wright vs. Hagee

By on 3.16.08 | 3:18PM

In a post Friday, I argued that Barack Obama's statement on Jeremiah Wright would not have been enough to end the controversy if he were a Republican attending John Hagee's church. Daniel Larison disagrees, saying "the mainstream media have shown relatively little interest in making much out of McCain's acceptance of Hagee's endorsement." I guess it depends on what you define as "relatively little interest" -- the Hagee endorsement seems to me to have gotten a fair amount of press, and predictably everyone who is worried about Hagee is downplaying Wright and vice versa.

More WFB Score Settling, Alas

By on 2.28.08 | 11:36PM

Over at GetReligion, Mark Stricherz asserts that "[William F.] Buckley was not a conservative Catholic, in the religious, doctrinal sense of the term." Rather, he was a "idiosyncratic Catholic" because he "favored decriminalizing drugs and wrote for Playboy" among other sins crying out to heaven for vengeance. Also, "He called himself a Catholic and a libertarian. Go figure."

Oh please. Buckley was a Latin Mass-attending, abortion opposing, Vatican II-doubting Catholic. Yes, he opposed some assertions about the Church's social teachings, because he thought Catholicism and socialism were not synonyms.

And, yes, Buckley wasn't overly fond of "going there" when it came to talking about some types of birth control, because he understood, correctly, that the Supreme Court had seized on the Catholic-Protestant divide over contraceptives in the first place to create an unlimited warrant for legal abortion.

Re: Huck With Anti-Catholic Bigot

By on 12.21.07 | 11:05AM

John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, Joe Lieberman, and Rick Santorum (who is Catholic) have all appeared with John Hagee. And that's just from my personal recollection and some cursory googling -- I'm sure the list of politicians who have appeared with Hagee is even longer. None of them did so because of anti-Catholicism. They appeared with Hagee because of his leadership in Christians United for Israel. President George W. Bush gave a welcoming statement to the group's Washington Summit earlier this year. Hagee has advised Texas Gov. Rick Perry on divestment from Iran.

I'm no Hagee fan myself, but let's be honest: By appearing at Cornerstone Church, Mike Huckabee is trying to appeal to that constituency -- conservative evangelicals and other Christian Zionists -- not the miniscule anti-Catholic vote. If Hagee's theology or other views make him beyond the pale, then there are a lot of politicians who should be condemned.