In Memoriam

Requiem for a General

By 12.19.08

Paul Weyrich brought evangelicals and Catholics together to fight the political battles of our times.
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The Nation's Pulse

American Papists

By 8.27.08

This time Nancy Pelosi has truly gone too far -- which isn't good news for Joe Biden either.
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Streetcar Line

Do We Have a Prayer?

By 7.31.08

It is no secret that many prominent conservative columnists are willing to openly bear witness to their faith.
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Streetcar Line

The Lowdown on the Slowdown

By 6.19.08

What a Republican should say about judges -- and about Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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Special Report

St. John’s Fort

By 6.13.08

When President Bush meets with the Pope Benedict today, they'll have much to discuss.
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Reader Mail

Tempers Run Hot


Is the Republican candidate mentally challenged? Hillary, West Virginia, and Homnick. Racism in play. Plus more on political climate change and other contentious matters.
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Reductio ad abc-surdum

By on 4.17.08 | 11:07PM

Since Jim Fallows sums up my feelings on the Democratic debate I thought I'd make a couple narrow rebuttals. On this blog Phillip Klein defends ABC, writing, "If this were the first debate between the two candidates, I can understand the frustration, but given that this is the 21st debate, it's a different story. What kind of policy discussion is left to have among two candidates who agree on virtually everything?"

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