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Taken to the Clean Ayers


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Guilt By Association

By on 10.13.08 | 12:43PM

Without any sense of irony, the media has created a new narrative that the McCain campaign's sharp attacks on Obama are to blame for inciting every angry and misinformed crank at their rallies. So let's just get this straight. When Louis Farrakhan praised Obama as the Messiah and Hamas endorsed Obama as the second coming of JFK, the argument was that he can't be responsible for all of his supporters. When questions are raised about Obama's close 20-year relationship with racist pastor Jeremiah Wright, his personal friendship with former PLO spokesman and leading anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi, business dealings with convicted felon Tony Rezko, and ties to unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, we're told it's an unfair attempt to establish "guilt by association." With Obama, all that matters is whatever he is currently saying. Yet when an angry dude grabs a microphone at a McCain town hall and says he's scared of Obama, and old woman says Obama's an Arab, it tells you all you need to know about McCain --even though McCain himself immediately condemns them and defends Obama

Re: McCain’s Missed Opportunity

By on 10.8.08 | 11:41AM

Jim: Here's another one. When challenged by McCain that his tax hikes would hurt small businessmen, Obama responded by saying no they wouldn't because most don't make $250,000 a year. So much for killing incentives to expand and grow and add jobs, in other words. Why didn't McCain come back with that?

McCain’s Missed Opportunity

By on 10.8.08 | 11:17AM

Last night, Barack Obama promised to deliver universal health care, cut taxes for 95 percent of taxpayers including most small businesses, and be a net spending cutter even though he has not specified a major program he would eliminate to offset the several he would create or expand. When Republicans promise to cut taxes and balance the budget simultaneously, even when the tax cuts are growth-oriented reductions in marginal rates with proven dynamic revenue effects, Democrats always call them on it. Unless I missed, Bob Dole, I mean, John McCain let this pass by, except maybe when bringing up some earmark with a trivial price tag. Obama has even hinted that he might keep some of the Bush tax cuts for the middle class and withdraw more slowly from Iraq while he is building up troops in Afghanistan -- where is this money going to come from? Obama didn't say and McCain sure didn't ask.