Birth Control

Hobby Lobby and the War on Nuns

By on 6.19.14 | 5:51PM

The "war on women" continues, but not in the way you might think; in fact, the HHS mandate of Obamacare might be more of a "war on nuns."

This mandate, which wasn't passed by Congress, is the "Thou shalt provide birth control for thy employees" aspect of Obamacare. Among its victims are the Little Sisters of the Poor, a congregation of nuns who serve the elderly, and Mother Angelica's Eternal Word Television Network. Other women are also concerned that this new commandment interferes with the original ten, including Barbara Green and her daughter Darcy Lett, who are part of the family that owns Hobby Lobby. Green's and Lett's case will be decided by the Supreme Court by the end of the month.

Hobby Lobby, Your Bedroom, and Your Boss

By on 3.27.14 | 11:44AM

The Hobby Lobby case has raised a number of questions. Do individuals give up religious rights when they open a business? Does Plan B cause abortions? Can the government force companies to follow unconstitutional laws?

But what about the very obvious question: Why should your employer have to provide your emergency birth control?

Last time I checked, free contraception wasn't guaranteed in the Constitution. Feminists are rallying against Hobby Lobby for squelching their rights. They say it’s wrong for a CEO to force a woman to have babies against her will. They claim “fundamentalists” plan to ruin their lives.

But all of this is blown out of proportion.

Amanda Marcotte Will Buy Your Purity Ring

By on 1.23.14 | 1:54PM

Amanda Marcotte’s religious beliefs are more important than yours:

If my religious beliefs allow for contraception use or premarital sex or homosexuality, then having a boss punish me by withholding my earned insurance benefits or having a business refuse me service is, in fact, an attack on my religious beliefs that they don’t share.

But if your religious beliefs do not allow for contraception use or premarital sex or homosexuality or abortions, then having the government punish you by forcing you to pay (albeit indirectly) for that decision is an attack on your religious beliefs that it doesn’t share.