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Memo to Obama: The Era of Big Government is Over

By on 12.10.13 | 5:23PM

Almost 18 years ago, Bill Clinton stood before a joint session of Congress and declared that the “era of big government is over.” This statement was seen as Clinton’s attempt to shift his outdated Democratic party from the New Deal into the modern world. With the recent rise of the tea party, the majority of Americans believe that less government is more. Recent polling suggests people favor a smaller government which provides fewer services over a gigantic government that does more.

President Obama, however, hasn’t gotten the memo.

Last week, the president spoke to a liberal think tank and explained how he viewed the role of the federal government:

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Sweet Home, Corruption

By on 2.26.13 | 8:12AM

Earlier this month, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) was indicted for “misappropriating” some $750,000 that was raised for his various political campaigns. And that yawn you just heard was the collective response of every voter in the Chicago-land area.

A political figure (in any state) who exploits the power of his/her office is nothing new. A political figure in Chicago who exploits the system for personal gain is called “a man of the people” and “blue-collar.”

A member of the Jackson clan embroiled in scandal and controversy is called a “Tuesday.”

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Special Report

Just Say Snow

By 2.11.10

What America needs is more snowstorms in Washington.
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Political Hay

Down With Obamunism

By 1.13.10

The opportunity is now there to downsize government -- and for starters that means rejecting any talk of a Deficit Commission.
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