Chicago-Style Intimidation of Toyota?

By on 2.3.10 | 6:05PM

That's what the Washington Examiner's editors are wondering, after President Obama's Transportation Secretary (and former Republican Illinois Rep.) Ray LaHood said all Toyota owners should "stop driving it and take it to a dealer."

Car Guy

Nothing New at Chrysler

By 10.22.09

Fiat takes the doomed company for one last bad ride.

Car Guy

Government Could Save Detroit

By 9.3.09

It's just a matter of lifting a lot of regulatory deadweight.

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The Clunker Con

By 8.10.09

Uncle Obama's shell game is mainly for losers.

Another Perspective

Cars, Climate, Fuel Efficiency, and the American Consumer

By 7.21.09

Cognitive dissonance writ large.

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Food Stamps for Chrysler

By 7.13.09

Continuing to build cars nobody will buy.

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Don’t Know Much About Car Story

By 6.17.09

GM's new honchos pride themselves on being clueless about their own products.

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Killing Off Performance Cars

By 5.29.09

By next week, we'll learn more about GM's hideous bankruptcy "restructuring" plan.

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Obama Nails the Coffin Shut

By 5.20.09

From now on, driving will be more fun in go-carts -- or until they're also outlawed.

Special Report

Three Cheers for Chrysler’s Dissident Creditors

By 5.8.09

Bankruptcy court beats Obama nationalization any business day.