Arlen Specter

Specter’s Adieu

By on 12.23.10 | 9:07AM

The Washington Examiner's Tim Carney today reviews Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter's farewell speech to the U.S. Senate, and characterizes it as "20 minutes of self-serving gripes, empty name-calling, and petty meanness." He reports that the desperate party-switcher longed for the good old days:

Recalling his old gang of moderate Republicans, Specter painted a composite picture of the sort of senator he admires, such as the late Ted Stevens, the infamous porker given to bouts of arrogance, who lost re-election in a cloud of scandal and after being convicted of corruption (Stevens was cleared thanks to prosecutorial misconduct). Specter also fondly recalled Sen. Bob Packwood, who resigned under threat of expulsion after facing sexual harassment charges.

Half the moderates Specter invoked in his reminiscence have since cashed out to K Street, including John Warner, Slade Gorton, Warren Rudman, and Jack Danforth.

Carney also provided an illustration of Specter's rank hypocrisy:

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It Wasn’t a Job; It Was an Uncompensated High-Level Advisory Capacity

By on 5.28.10 | 2:58PM

White House counsel Bob Bauer has released the official explanation about public misunderstandings of whether or not Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania was offered a job in the Obama administration, in exchange for dropping out of his primary challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter. 
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What Roil?

By on 4.29.09 | 3:07PM

Can anyone read this AP dispatch ("Specter's defection to Democrats roils Republicans") and tell me who the "roiled" are?
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