Anti-Semitism Marches Across Europe

By on 7.28.14 | 3:41PM

As Operation Protective Edge continues in Gaza, the Jews of the European diaspora are looking about and seeing an increasingly hostile home. A pair of particularly violent outbreaks of anti-Semitism in France and the Netherlands seems to foreshadow a future conflagration fueled by moral relativism and sparked by Europe’s growing Islamic slums. Muslims spouting Sharia and jihad have no room for Israel and Jews in their future world, and post-Christian Europe offers little resistance to those who promise hate and violence.

No, Eric Cantor Didn’t Lose Because of Anti-Semitism

By on 6.13.14 | 5:47PM

Most of us are still trying to figure out exactly what was behind Eric Cantor’s shocking primary loss on Tuesday. But some on the left were able to jump to conclusions almost immediately after the election. Their hypothesis? Eric Cantor is a victim of Tea Party anti-Semitism.

Even ignoring the fact that Dave Brat was not technically a Tea Party candidate, the theory has zero supporting evidence. It is ridiculous to suggest that a district that has been electing Cantor since 2000 recently developed a case of raging anti-Semitism. This is a case of liberals assuming that everyone is as racially aware and involved in identity politics as themselves.

The careless speculation began immediately with leftist tweets smugly noting that Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in the House. Amanda Terkel, a Huffington Post journalist, retweeted a tweet that noted, “Cantor lost to someone who quoted the New Testament in his acceptance speech.” Not the New Testament!