‘Lucille, the Waitress’ says …

By on 9.6.08 | 2:57PM

A "progressive" blogger claims that Sarah Palin routinely uses racial slurs, including referring to Barack Obama as "Sambo," basing these allegations on such sources as "Lucille, the waitress serving her table at the time and who asked that her last name not be used." There's more:

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

By on 9.5.08 | 4:44PM

Republican media strategery:

A senior McCain campaign official advises that, despite the gaggle of requests and pressure from the media, Gov. Sarah Palin won't submit to a formal interview anytime soon. She may take some questions from local news entities in Alaska, but until she's ready -- and until she's comfortable -- which might not be for a long while -- the media will have to wait.

Grrrrr. If she can't handle a press conference, how can you argue she's ready to be vice president?

This fear-based, defensive, curl-up-inside-your-shell posture toward the press is killing the GOP. It's insane: Treat the press like the enemy and then complain about media bias. Oh, I wish Tony Snow were still alive to explain to these "senior campaign officials" why this approach doesn't work.

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Palin and Global Warming

By on 9.4.08 | 10:29AM

Obviously I have the worst timing in the world with all the celebration over the great speech last night, but I finally got through the public records I had obtained months ago from Alaska's Department of Conservation regarding Gov. Palin's Climate Change Sub-Cabinet. They produced a lengthy post: a blow-by-blow account (as much as I could put together with what I had to work with) -- with lots of links to the documents I obtained -- about the state's hiring of the global warming alarmist group Center for Climate Strategies to manage the Sub-Cabinet.

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The Right Lady

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In St. Paul, hockey mom Sarah Palin bodychecks her critics.

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Palin Bucks the Health Care Establishment

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