Rasmussen: McCain up 11 Points in Montana

By on 9.9.08 | 5:39PM

In the same poll at the end of July, McCain was up by just one point.

And Palin seems to be helping:

McCain's running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is viewed favorably by 59% of Montana voters, a figure that includes 44% with a Very Favorable opinion of her. This is the sixth Rasmussen Reports state poll released since Palin was selected as McCain's Vice Presidential nominee and in all six her Very Favorable ratings have topped 40%. None of the other candidates on the national ticket have reached that level in any of the states.

‘Drill, Baby, Drill’

By on 9.9.08 | 11:21AM

LEBANON, Ohio -- During his speech here, John McCain spotted a sign in the crowd. "Hold up that sign," he said, reading it for the benefit of the crowd: "Drill, Baby, Drill!"

The candidate's mention of offshore drilling prompted some in the crowd to shout, "ANWR! ANWR!" McCain has opposed drilling ANWR, which his Alaskan running mate staunchly supports.

If the enthusiasm of this crowd (officially estimated at 5,500) is any indication, the Obama campaign is wasting its resources trying to flip Ohio from red to blue.

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Re: McCain’s Bump

By on 9.8.08 | 1:42PM

Jim, are we really sure that Obama has such an enormous spending advantage? Team Maverick just collected $84 million, lump-sum, in federal funds, and the RNC has led the DNC in cash on hand all year long. There is a cost to fundraising, and one must deduct from Obama's totals (admittedly astonishing) a certain percentage for the expenses of doing the fundraising, whereas the federal money for McCain is a no-strings-attached windfall.

Having that $84 million now is lots more valuable to the McCain camapign than the Obama campaign's expected revenues for late October. Yes, Team Obama can borrow against anticipated revenue, but there are expenses involved in borrowing, also.

Finally, I am by no means certain that the Obama campaign's allocation of its funds has been efficient. What was the price tag of that foreign trip, which seems to have had zero value-added for the Democrat? And what were the costs of establishing operations in, inter alia, Alaska?

David Shuster Dust-up on MSNBC

By on 9.8.08 | 12:38PM

After Friday, I wonder if Shuster will have me on again. Prior to a show, producers try to be as specific as possible about the upcoming topic. In this case (watch the clip here), however, I was just told the segment would be about "Sarah Palin." Well, sure, I can talk about a few things. But while his lead question was broad, his follow-up was a total non-sequitur. "She hasn't taken any questions, never mind from reporters... is she ready?"

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