Palin on ANWR

By on 9.12.08 | 12:06AM

Watching another segment of the interview on "Nightline," in which she was showing off the Alaskan pipeline and talking about global warming and ANWR, she was clearly more comfortable. Smartly, she conceded that she differs with McCain over ANWR, but cunningly said, "I'm working on him."

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Palin on a Pedestal


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Palin Comes to Fairfax (with that other dude)

By on 9.10.08 | 2:03PM

FAIRFAX, Va. -- All election season I've been saying if you want to find parking, go to a Republican campaign event. That's because ever since Iowa, the crowd sizes at Republican candidate rallies have paled in comparison to what the Democrats draw. But that was in the pre-Palin era. Now everything has changed, and suddenly Obama-like crowds are following Republicans.

Arriving at the rally an hour ahead of time, we had to cricle around for 15 minutes just to find paking a half a mile away from the event, on a residential street. The line to get into the rally, which was held at a local park, extended for several blocks, and by the time I got in I saw thousands of people fanning out all over the park from the stage.

It's amazing how much Palin has become the focus of these McCain events. The most popular chant was "SA-RAH!" "SAR-AH!" "SAR-AH!" I saw one man with a "Sarah! Will you marry me?" sign, another that read "Read my lipstick: Baseball and Soccer Mom for McCain-Palin" and another that read "She's Our Girl."

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Silly Sally


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