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Time for a GOP Panic?

By 9.22.08

Polls' swing toward Obama may not last.

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Long Arm of the Law School


Dreams from My Professor. The Audacity of Harvard. Also: The nation's debt to Pelosi and Reid. From the bookshelf. To vote or not to vote. Plus more.

McCain v. Palin?

By on 9.20.08 | 7:52PM

Boy, if you want to rile up Politico commenters, just pose the question: "If Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin manage to win this election for the Republicans, will they be fighting over the White House in four years' time?"

Palin’s Inattention to Detail

By on 9.19.08 | 9:17AM

The Washington Post today has a report up about how Gov. Palin has a keen ear for her constituents' desires, but gives little attention to the sausage-making necessary to accomplish her goals.

That could explain how she ended up with a climate change commission in Alaska run by an environmental advocacy group.

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Waiting for Good Oil


Democrat plan fails to energize. Obama's slimeballs.. Bridge to election defeat. Not so fast in Missouri. Plus more.

The Current Crisis

The Democrats’ Sham Energy Bill

By 9.18.08

They've passed a measure that deceives the electorate and won't produce a single drop of oil.


The Gifted and the Afflicted

By 9.18.08

This election is bringing out the worst in the likes of Cintra Wilson.

Another Perspective

Bury the Damn Bridge

By 9.18.08

The left has scored some points on Sarah Palin, with the help of the McCain campaign.

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Obama Can’t Be Trusted on National Defense

By 9.17.08

Should he withdraw now?

Washington Prowler

Obama-Biden Reservations Confirmed

By 9.17.08

Troop withdrawal sabotaged. Beverly Hills money and a broken bank. Biden debate prep.