Palin or Paleo?

By on 9.30.08 | 3:39PM

Remember the controversy over whether Sarah Palin was, gasp, a Buchananite? Sean Scallon has an interesting article in the current issue of the American Conservative exploring how Jacksonian social conservatives migrated from the 1990s Buchanan Brigades to the Bush Leagues, even though they represent polar opposites in terms of foreign policy.

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Paradigms Lost

By 9.30.08

What did Katie Couric know, who investigates Chris Dodd, and why keep the New Deal?

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Snooty Katie


Couric oversteps her bounds. Fannie and Freddie's friends. Penny antics. A prodigal's return. Plus more.

Washington Prowler

Couric Diminishes Gov. Palin

By 9.26.08

So she's not a governor if Katie refuses to call her that?

Let Palin Be Palin

By on 9.25.08 | 8:01PM

I just watched the second installment of the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric, and I detect a major difference between how she comes across when she's trying to be something she's not, and when she's just being herself.

For instance, I absolutely cringed during the part when Palin tried to explain why Alaska's proximity to Russia gives her relevant foreign policy experience. But she did quite well explaining that she never got a passport before last year because she didn't come from a background that afforded her the oppourtunity to backpack around Europe after college, and spent most of her life working. Then at the end of the interview, Couric kept pressing Palin on why she said America shouldn't second guess Israel were it to bomb Iran. At first, it looked like Palin was a bit rattled, but then she put it to Couric quite simply and forcefully, not in packaged statements, but in her own words:

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Easily Understood


Required reading from Peter Ferrara. Messing around with Paulson. Honest Obama. Diner talk. Plus more.

Silent Sarah

By on 9.24.08 | 12:26PM

I'm not sure what is to be gained from this apparent strategy of shielding Sarah Palin from the press, except for occasional details about her family's Oreo Overload consumption habits. It reinforces the critique of her as unprepared. It is almost certainly unnecessary, given her ability to handle press conferences and such as governor of Alaska. And even if she ends up making gaffes, it is hard to imagine that she can top Joe Biden in sheer buffoonery. This must be another area where Andrew Cuomo is advising the campaign.

No Indictment in Palin Hacking

By on 9.23.08 | 2:37PM

A federal grand jury in Chattanooga, Tenn., reportedly adjourned today without delivering an indictment in the hacking of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's personal e-mail account.

The grand jury heard testimony this morning from three friends of University of Tennessee student David Kernell, according to the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, but ended its session around noon without returning an indictment.

"Three young college-age people . . . two males and a female [who] are apparently friends" of Kernell, testified before the grand jury, the Chattanoogan reported earlier. The FBI had reportedly served a search warrant early Sunday morning at Kernell's apartment near the UT campus in Knoxville.

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When Will Biden Pony Up?

By 9.23.08

Will the Senator duck Treasury rule that allows him to raise his own taxes right now?

Obama’s Astroturf Smear?

By on 9.22.08 | 1:23AM

Extensive documentation at the Jawa Report suggesting that an Obama-connected PR firm was responsible for a video that falsely suggested Sarah Palin was a member of the Alaska Independent Party.