Robert Gates Pulls No Punches

By on 1.8.14 | 11:23AM

Last night, I thought perhaps we were making too much of former defense secretary Robert Gates’s criticisms of the Obama administration. Today, after reading the adaptation of his book published in the Wall Street Journal, I’ve changed my mind. The essay, fittingly titled “The Quiet Fury of Robert Gates,” scorches nearly everything in Washington, with particular fire reserved for the Obama administration.

On Obama and Afghanistan:

I witnessed a good deal of wishful thinking in the Obama administration about how much improvement we might see with enough dialogue with Pakistan and enough civilian assistance to the Afghan government and people. When real improvements in those areas failed to materialize, too many people—especially in the White House—concluded that the president's entire strategy, including the military component, was a failure and became eager to reverse course.

On Obama in comparison to Bush:

And You Thought Your Holiday Travel Was Hectic

By on 12.25.10 | 9:59AM

My good friend Smitty, sidekick at my personal blog, is an officer in the Navy Reserve. The Navy recently decided to get put him to good use by deploying him to a landlocked country ending in "-stan." And so on Christmas Day, Smitty flew into Kabul, an experience he describes as "Crazier Than a Stacy McCain Road Trip."

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