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Gettysburg Follies

By 11.19.13

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. In recent days, regrettable errors regarding Gettysburg and Lincoln have surfaced in the news, and our president is responsible for the worst of them.

On October 31, we learned that the Gettysburg National Military Park and local officials, who prepared two years for a presidential visit, according the Washington Times, weren’t going to get one.

Special Report

Jack Levin’s Gettysburg

By 6.8.10

Fathers, sons, and Lincoln's stand for liberty.

Another Perspective

Black History Month and Lincoln

By 3.26.10

Time for a fresh look at the Great Emancipator.

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Civil War Thrill Ride

By 12.28.09

With The First Assassin, well-known conservative journalist John J. Miller has penned a superlative thriller.