For All Faithful TAS Readers and Supporters:

As of late 2014, The American Spectator print magazine has been put on hold. There are plans to bring the magazine back in 2016 as a quarterly edition.

For those of you who have a current subscription to our magazine, we can and will mark your subscription as “on-hold” until the magazine comes back into print. When it does, your unfulfilled editions will be delivered as the current editions until our obligation to you is met.

If you do not prefer this option, we can also add you to our refund queue. Simply send an email to


Note: there are subscription companies and third-party vendors that are still offering subscriptions to our magazine. Please be aware that we will not be able to refund any subscriptions that are made through these third-party companies.

Here is a list of companies that claim to be still offering our magazine:

Discount Magazines

Magazine Subscription Company


We would appreciate your help in identifying any other companies that are still listing our magazine so that we can minimize these subscriptions from happening before the re-release of our magazine.

Send any and all names to


Thank you all for your support of The American Spectator and the Vast-Right Wing Conspiracy!

- The American Spectator Team


* Disclaimer: If you choose to subscribe at this time we cannot guarantee the immediate fulfillment of your subscription. Nor can we guarantee any immediate refunds.


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