Obama’s Overtime Ordeal: GOP Voting to Delay Implementation


The House is poised for a Thursday vote on a plan to delay implementation of the Department of Labor’s overtime rule, which imposes huge new compliance and payroll costs on American employers by doubling the salary threshold of employees eligible for overtime pay. Currently, employers are required to pay overtime rates for salaried workers making up […]

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Holt in the Name of the Law


Dear Lester Holt, Thank you for moderating the debate Monday night between Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Abedin and myself this Monday night. Your exquisite journalistic equipoise rendered the evening spectacular in its moderation. If I may, I would like to append a supplemental point to one of my responses, which was sadly foreshortened by the […]

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The Trap Clinton Has Set for Herself


Public expectations turned Monday’s presidential debate into Clinton’s trap instead of Trump’s. Still, Trump allowed Clinton out of it — and himself to fall into it — all too often Monday night. Nonetheless, Clinton’s underlying strategy to portray Trump as unqualified for the presidency — and herself over-qualified for it — gives Trump ample opportunity […]

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That 4-Letter Word: ‘Plan’


Well, who won? We might let that popular and logical query go for the moment. There are other aquatic specimens to fry in the context of Monday night’s so-called debate: chief among them Hillary Clinton’s try at addressing the leadership question she seems to be hanging out there like damp laundry. Clinton asked her national […]

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Let the People Roar: I Think Trump Won the Night


We all have theories as to how Donald Trump got this far. Mine is that Trump has done well among white high school graduates because he acts the way people think they would act if they were billionaires. If Trump ever doubts himself, he never shows it. He calls people names because he knows he […]

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The Stale and Scripted Hillary


“He loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them,” said Hillary Clinton late in Monday’s debate, as she desperately retailed every cheap shot advisers had drilled into her. The “he” in question wasn’t her womanizing husband in the front row but Donald Trump. Hillary’s resort to smears and her reliance on a painfully stale […]

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‘Favors’ to Blacks


Back in the 1960s, as large numbers of black students were entering a certain Ivy League university for the first time, someone asked a chemistry professor — off the record — what his response to them was. He said, “I give them all A’s and B’s. To hell with them.” Since many of those students […]

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Failure at Foggy Bottom


Hillary Clinton boasts that her experience traveling to 112 countries as secretary of state qualifies her to be president. Don’t believe it. At the end of her taxpayer-funded audition on the world stage, she came home empty-handed, with no meaningful gains for the United States. Voters are too smart to be wowed when she rattles off names […]

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President Obama’s Big Government Legacy — and the Republicans


When conservatives talk about opposing the expansion of Big Government, this usually means lower taxes, lower spending, and reducing regulations. In two of out of three (taxes and spending), the Republican Congress should get more credit for stopping most of President Obama’s agenda of expanding the size and scope of the federal government. Taxes In […]

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New York Times Paints a False Picture of Prosperity


The New York Times is now officially putting opinion pieces on the front page. Consider Monday’s article entitled: “Millions in U.S. Climb Out of Poverty, at Long Last.” This is an amazing headline given the real state of the economy for the working class. Yes, according to newly released census data, incomes for middle class families […]

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