Palestinian Parents Sending Children to Camp Kill the Jew


It’s August. Camp has ended — that rite of summer for millions of American children. Swimming, hiking, campfire sing-alongs and S’mores, drama skits, lanyard-making, new friends and creating lifelong memories. Palestinian summer camps have also just ended, but their children have very different experiences to share and memories to hold dear. This year’s theme for […]

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Why the Military-Industrial Complex Loves Hillary


Military contractors are overwhelmingly favoring Hillary Clinton for president with their political contributions this year. Though Republicans normally enjoy a slight fundraising advantage here, she currently leads Donald Trump 5-to-1 among donations from employees of the top 25 firms in this extremely lucrative, highly government dependent industry. An article in Politico last week tried to […]

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The Emperor Has No Clothes and He’s Breastfeeding


We live in the Age of Absurdity. The men born of parents from the Age of Aquarius are having children and “chest feeding” them. I will try to explain. It took me a second pass to make sense of this Atlantic article by Britni de la Cretaz. Here are the first two paragraphs: When Trevor MacDonald started chestfeeding about […]

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No Hiding in Hyde Park


A provocative cover letter sent last week to entering University of Chicago freshmen along with a book on academic freedom started the school year with a bang, when the respected college dean of students John Ellison declared: we do not support so called “trigger warnings,” we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics prove […]

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Don’t Kill the Death Penalty in California


Opponents of California’s death penalty have been highly successful at thwarting executions since the state resumed executions in 1992 after a 20-year hiatus. Their latest ploy is Proposition 62, which would repeal the death penalty and resentence death row inmates to life without parole. Measure sponsors argue that capital punishment presents the risk of executing […]

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The 491: Is the Alt-Right Racist?


In the Gospel according to St. Matthew, Saint Peter asks Christ how often a person should be forgiven? “As many as seven times?” Not seven times, answers Christ, “but seventy times seven.” If one took that literally (and one shouldn’t), the 491st sin is unforgiveable. For Conservatives, the 491st sin is an accusation of racism. […]

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Russland, Panzerhaubitze "Hummel"

Summer’s End Far From the Eastern Front


Friday Summer is rapidly coming to an end for us here in Sandpoint. I hate this time of year but also love it. There is a hint of Fall in the air but the sun is bright on the lake and men and women and children are sunbathing on City Beach. But I am leaving […]

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What Do Chief David Brown and Washington Irving Have in Common?


What do Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Sleepy Hollow’s satirst Washington Irving have in common? Not much you might think. After all, 200 years separate their lives. Dallas Police Chief David Brown became a nationally known leader who showed calm and courage after five Dallas police officers were killed and nine others were injured […]

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An Anglican ‘Narrative’


Celebrated British columnist Michael Wharton (“Peter Simple”of the Daily Telegraph) once wrote to the effect that the Anglican Church seemed determined to drag itself down to a level so far beneath contempt that there was no expression to adequately describe it. Readers may contemplate the following story — I mean “narrative” — and decide for […]

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Bill Bennett2

Now Let Us Praise Bill Bennett


Over here at Hot Air, Larry O’Connor has thrown the spotlight on the always estimable William J. Bennett. The former Reagan Secretary of Education and Class A-Plus conservative had appeared on Fox News to say this of Donald Trump and his battle with the now increasingly eye-rolling Never Trumpers. “He does not need to speak […]

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