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The Right Prescription

For Planned Parenthood Black Livers Matter

By 7.20.15

If you have ever witnessed one of those “spontaneous” pro-abortion demonstrations held in Washington whenever Congress contemplates curtailing taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, you may have noticed that there was something missing—African-American demonstrators. This is odd, considering that black women are far more likely to have abortions than are their Caucasian counterparts. And, examined in light of the now infamous video of a white Planned Parenthood official discussing how to crush a baby without damaging marketable livers and other organs, it is particularly ominous. Why? Because the terminated baby will probably have been black, and that is no coincidence.

A Further Perspective

It’s Hard Out Here for a Redneck

By 7.20.15

By the time Andrea Mitchell interviewed Valery Levitt, former classmate Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, she already had a thing or two figured out about the young Muslim who’d murdered at least five U.S. military personnel in a shooting rampage in Chattanooga, Tennessee, last Thursday. He was a typical redneck who clung to his guns and religion. “Were guns a big part of activity — social or other activity?… Did he hunt? Did he shoot? I mean, was that just part of small-town Tennessee activity?” she asked hopefully. Only his religion was Islam. So he must also have suffered “prejudice against him because of his ethnicity.” Right?

Most rednecks don’t have to deal with prejudice — they dispense it — so no wonder the poor lad cracked up! Unfortunately, Ms. Levitt didn’t have a clue about what Andrea was going on about, so that theory didn’t go anywhere.

Another Perspective

Time to Get to Work

By 7.20.15

To echo President Obama, we are indeed experiencing a time of “fundamental transformation” in America. Yet the vast majority in this country is not happy with the transformation and the growth of government into every aspect of our lives. 

Last month, the Supreme Court made same sex marriage the law of the land, and put the very existence of religious liberty guaranteed in the First Amendment, directly in the crosshairs of radical ideologues on the left.

But the Supreme Court wasn’t finished. In addition to the narrow, 5-4 decision that redefined marriage and deprived We the People of the right to work this out among ourselves, they also rescued Obamacare (again), by rewriting the clear language of the statute to mean something it clearly didn’t mean. 

Campaign Crawlers

Jeb Bush Wants to Share

By 7.20.15

The most recent time I had seen Jeb Bush speak in San Francisco was in January, when he addressed the National Automobile Dealers Association. It is hard to imagine a group more invested in the old-school economy. It was a friendly crowd. The former Florida governor seemed comfortable — and boring. I left feeling as if I’d spent an hour listening to a human BarcaLounger.

The Jeb Bush I saw Thursday morning was a different candidate. He had shed some 30 pounds on the Paleo Diet. His campaign had pulled the dynasty name from the campaign logo and added an exclamation point. Now he’s “Jeb!” In this trip to San Fran, Bush ventured away from the stolid GOP base to address the young workforce of Thumbtack, a 6-year-old digital service that links consumers to painters, DJs, dog walkers and other contractors. Bush arrived in a Toyota Camry ordered via Uber — the ride-hailing company that runs roughshod over the single-occupant vehicle model dear to car dealers.

A Further Perspective

Spinning Out of Control

By 7.18.15

It is a safe prediction that for years to come the debate over the Obama Iran deal will rage, with one question looming largest; namely, which was worse… the treaty or the press conference?

Actually, it was not a conference but what is known in Washington-speak as a “press availability.” This refers not to the press being available but to the President making himself available to the press and all its relentless scrutiny. For once Obama came through, making himself thoroughly available; all his specious sophistry, all his testy narcissism, all his Freudian solipsism, was on display. To coin a phrase, he had all his centrifuges spinning. And, as Jackie Mason would add, I say this with the highest respect.

In one contentious exchange, Major Garrett of CBS wondered how the President was “content” to leave American hostages trapped in Iran, basting in Hell while he basked in Heaven. Obama contended he was not the least bit content; why, he had even met with some of the families of the hostages!

The Nation's Pulse

The Yankee Taliban

By 7.17.15

A few hours before ESPN honored Caitlyn Jenner with a “courage” award on Wednesday, the University of Texas vice president for diversity and community engagement hosted a public forum on removing Confederate-themed statuary from campus, which includes a likeness of Robert E. Lee.

There’s courage in cosmetic surgery and shame in battle. May I secede now?

Cassi Pollock of Breitbart Texas reports that a UT graduate student claimed at the meeting that the presence of the statues on campus “inhibited students from their full participation.” Several undergraduates, perhaps frustrated at the havoc the inanimate objects played on their GPAs, recently defaced the effigies with spray paint. And unlike the vandals of a monument to fallen Southerners in Charleston, the Austin defacers spelled “Black Lives Matter” correctly. It’s a college town.

The Obama Watch

President Obama’s Nuclear Surrender

By 7.17.15

Remember President Obama’s Obamacare promise that if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan? That turned out to be you can keep your health care plan if Obama likes your health care plan, as millions of Americans lost their health care plans they liked perfectly well for the price, because those plans failed to include all the costly benefits Obamacare required them to include.

Now President Obama is trying to manipulate public opinion again on the Iran nuclear deal. He is telling the public the deal is so good because under the deal “every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off” to Iran, and the deal “will prevent [Iran] from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

Special Report

Barack and Valerie’s Great Communist Party Marriage

By 7.17.15

In my current book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage, I write of the phenomenon of Communist Party marriages. “Theirs was the first ‘party marriage’ that I observed,” wrote Whittaker Chambers in Witness, describing the decidedly non-sacramental marriage of two of his Communist Party comrades, before writing of his own “party marriages.”

Another Perspective

Lessons From the Past

By 7.17.15

Ill-tempered Greeks rattle a tin cup — desperate for another handout from the European Union but feeling far more anger than gratitude toward their would-be benefactors.

Italy shares Greece’s pain — and the same deeply ingrained sense of resentment and entitlement. It too blames the rest of the world for high unemployment, falling living standards, and the inability of its government to pay its bills or to keep from falling deeper and deeper into debt. It will be no surprise if Italy follows Greece in bellying up to the EU’s bailout line.

Whatever happened “the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome”?

In his famous funeral oration, delivered in 431 BC, the Greek leader Pericles sought to capture what it was that characterized Athens at the peak of its glory. In his words, the Athens of that time did not need a Homer to sing its praises, or even imperishable monuments, such as the Parthenon, completed only a few years earlier: “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others to be eternally remembered.”

Play Ball

Suffering From the All-Star Blues

By 7.17.15

It has been years since I’ve watched an all-star game of any sport. These are made-up exhibitions, put on by guys who don’t normally play on the same teams, in fact usually compete with each other (not always amicably). And don’t even get me started on the interminable pre-game and in-game hype and folderol by over-caffeinated announcers that those who tune into these games must endure. 

With some spectacular exceptions — see Mike Trout — most All-Star participants seem to be mostly interested in not getting injured during the non-game, thereby risking losing playing time in the real games to follow. A league is a pretty abstract thing for a player to identify with, and to be willing to lay it all out for (yes, even for today’s astronomical salaries). The attitude of most contemporary baseball players to the All-Star game seems to track Mark Twain’s attitude toward being tarred and feathered, to wit: “Except for the honor, I would as soon skip it.”