Where Will White Evangelicals Be on November 9?


Invocations of the divine have always been part of American public life, going back to the assertion in the Declaration of Independence that “all men … are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” When Thomas Jefferson wrote of “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” from which the United States derived its […]

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At Last, the Final Presidential Debate


The 27th law in Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power is “to create a cultlike following.” Toward that end, Greene suggests that the modern day prince “use words of great resonance but cloudy meaning, words full of heat and enthusiasm.” You wonder if Donald Trump read the book when you consider such pronouncements from […]

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Alabama’s Alcohol Regulatory System Is Overdue for Reform


With all the focus on Alabama’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) cracking down on sidewalk alcohol sales, it might have been easy to miss its stern warning about following alcohol regulations after what happened in Connecticut. A “national liquor store chain, Total Wine and More, decided to ignore Connecticut’s minimum price law.” But the scofflaws […]

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The President, First Lady, and Chelsea on parade down Pennsylvannia Avenue on Inauguration day.

The Things They Do for Love… of Power


In March 1981, Ricky Ray Rector went out with his friends to a nightclub in Arkansas. When one of his friends couldn’t afford the $3 cover charge, Ricky pulled out a gun. He killed one person and wounded two others. He fled the scene. A few days later, Rector’s family persuaded Ricky to turn himself […]

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California Aborting Free-Speech Rights


Sacramento In signing a bill that criminalizes the distribution of a “confidential” video of a “health-care provider,” Gov. Jerry Brown has at least dispensed with the notion that California’s Democratic leadership cares at all about free-speech rights. The new law, which could lead to jail time for violators, is the latest troubling example of how […]

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Roger Waters’ Anti-Israel Riff Counterpointed by Pro-Israel Voices of Peace


Former Pink Floyd bassist and lyricist Roger Waters never misses an opportunity to attack the Jewish state. Recent performances in California by the progressive rocker underscored why he is widely regarded as the voice of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Over the past two weekends, 75,000 music lovers converged on the Empire […]

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NFL Sidelines God for TV Ratings Boost


National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell used today’s Reformed Secular Breakfast Club meeting in Washington, D.C. as a forum to announce new rule changes in the game. The changes are an attempt by the NFL to appeal to a broader television market. The rules become effective on October 31 with the Monday night broadcast of […]

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The Left and the Masses: Part III


Claiming the role of champions of the masses is something the political left has been doing ever since there has been a political left — which is to say, ever since the late 18th century, when people with such views sat on the left side of the French National Assembly. Like so much that is […]

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NBA’s Mark Cuban Predicted NFL’s Slide 2 Years Ago


Nailed it. I was thinking about this quote last night when I was watching yet another awful primetime football game. Mark Cuban back in March of 2014 perfectly predicting the future. “I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion,” Cuban said Sunday evening when his pregame conversation with reporters, which covered a […]

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Goodbye, America


Tuesday Lunch with my pal, T., a man my age from South Carolina. He was with his son, a young man of 29, whose occupation is extremely unclear. I picked them up at the Beverly Hills Hotel after my 12 Step meeting. The son was obviously in some kind of funk and said barely a […]

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