Can Hillary Get As Much Applause at The DNC as Bernie?


I just finished watching Bernie Sanders speech. It took him several minutes to begin his remarks because of the wild applause. Can Hillary hope to get that much applause? Come to think of it, will as many people watch Hillary’s speech as watched Bernie’s? There were some in the audience who derided Hillary’s name as […]

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Something Terrible


When Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her vice presidential nominee, what she was really choosing was one of the two major characteristics defining her as a politician. Clinton could, had the notion struck her, picked Sherrod Brown or Liz Warren as her running mate. In doing so she would have fully embraced her record […]

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: T Does Cleveland


With everything that could’ve gone wrong, Cleveland was a heckuva week for T. The media were in full no-more-nice-guy mood, street-lefties were ready to rumble and the cops were antsy, ready for some serious headcracking. But here we are at week-end with the party in reasonably good shape and T’s ticket running even with the […]

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Old Men With Big Serves


There was a moment at the final of the Washington Open when I thought the spectators should be reprimanded for biggism. If the six-eleven guy hit long or out of bounds, they cheered. If he netted, they cheered. If he hit a spectacular return of serve, quick as a whip across the court and unreachable, […]

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Is Donald Trump for Real?


I keep waiting for the Donald Trump who shows me that he is more than a highly successful reality TV showman, that he is a man who can bring America together, and yes, make this country feel great again. I saw a glimpse of that man when he said in his acceptance speech at Cleveland’s […]

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Hillary Raises Kaine


So Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s number two. I can’t imagine that the Bernie Sanders crowd is too thrilled with this pick. But not so annoyed as to vote for Donald Trump. But until I read Richard Kelsey’s piece on Kaine, I did not know he could speak Spanish fluently. It could compensate […]

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Kaine Is Able: Why Hillary Will Choose Tim


The first lesson of picking a Vice President is to do no harm. Indeed, the pick is the first test of competence for a prospective president. It is said that a vice-presidential pick has little effect on a national election. That is mostly true, but somewhat misleading and shortsighted when one views the current electoral […]

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No Hot Dogs Allowed


Phoenix wants you to be smarter about walking your dog in extreme heat. Kind of. Sort of. The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board voted late last month to ban hikers from taking their dogs on city trails in temperatures over 100 degrees. In the average year, highs in Phoenix surpass 100 degrees on 107 days out of […]

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A Night for Greatness in Cleveland


Cleveland Zak Hasanin was walking along a downtown sidewalk Thursday afternoon when he said, “Did you hear that? ‘America Was Never Great’?” He was quoting a slogan shouted by left-wing protesters near the Republican National Convention here. “Those people need to go to Africa. They don’t know how good they’ve got it.” Hasanin’s family immigrated […]

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President Obama and  President of Cuba Raúl Castro at their joint press conference in Havana, Cuba, Cuba, March 21, 2016. White House photo by Chuck Kennedy.

Will Cuba Ever Pay for the Property It Stole?


Communist Cuba owes U.S. taxpayers nearly $8 billion for stolen property. Cuba also owes a few billion more for looted art and antiquities as well as scores of human rights abuses for which there has not been an accounting. As U.S. officials travel to Cuba to continue negotiations with the Cuban regime, interrelated but critically […]

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