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Sports Arena

Stadium Security Post-Paris

By 11.18.15

As bleak and barbaric a night as it was in Paris on Friday the 13th, it could have been worse. Islamic terrorists struck in multiple locations in the City of Lights and succeeded in temporarily bringing one of the world’s finest cities to its knees. One of the locations targeted was an 80,000 seat sports stadium (Stade de France) that, at the time, had an international soccer match ongoing, with thousands of spectators, including French President François Hollande. Shortly after the match began, a terrorist wearing a vest filled with bolts and explosives was detected trying to gain entry by a security guard while being frisked. Police suspect the original plan was to detonate the pack inside the stadium, sending a panicked crowd stampeding into the streets where two more suicide bombers awaited to set off their devices. If ISIS had succeeded in penetrating Stade de France that night, not only would the death toll have been exponentially higher, they even would have had an opportunity to assassinate a major head of State.

Free Market Accountability Project

A Patently Absurd Rule Falls

By 11.18.15

If you want to know how ridiculous patent lawsuits can get with our current system, consider the following: Imagine you went to trial for murder, on a transparently trumped up charge. However, when you tried to plead “Not Guilty,” the Judge slapped you down, saying you had to ask his permission first and instead entering a guilty plea before you ever got a chance to present evidence.

Random Thoughts

America in Very Serious Trouble

By 11.18.15

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

Some financial institutions may be considered “too big to fail,” but contemporary Western society may be too frivolous to survive. The Romans had bread and circuses to keep the masses passive and unthinking. We have electronic gadgets, drugs, and pornography. Like the Roman Empire, we too may decline and fall. What happened in Paris may be just the beginning.

With the “global warming” zealots predicting catastrophic consequences over the next century, I wonder if anyone has studied how accurate five-day weather forecasts turn out to be.

Cheap shots at the police by politicians and the media are in fact very expensive, in terms of the human lives that are lost when the effectiveness of law enforcement is undermined. The sharp increase in murders in Baltimore, New York, and other places where the police have been trashed shows how expensive.

It is bad enough to hear someone boasting about his past achievements. What is truly repulsive is hearing someone boasting about the future achievements he thinks he is going to have, as Donald Trump does repeatedly.


Cardinal Wuerl’s Embassy Row Penthouse

By 11.18.15

Walking through the posh neighborhood of Embassy Row in October, I stumbled across a scoop: that Washington, D.C.’s Cardinal Donald Wuerl lives in a penthouse atop a mansion priced north of $40 million.

That Embassy Row mansion is the Our Lady Queen of the Americas parish. As I approached the mansion, across from the elegant Russian Cultural Center, I wondered if it contained a chapel. Curious, I walked inside. On the first floor, I walked past posters touting open-borders propaganda (“Ten Myths About Immigration” and so on) and saw signs for a leftist outfit called the “Washington English Center,” which offers language and job services to immigrants, legal and illegal.

Not finding the chapel on the first floor, I looked for a priest to direct me to it. I found one, or maybe I didn’t. A man with dyed hair and an ornament in his ear, sporting a priestly collar of an unspecified denomination, was standing near the stairs. “Where is the church?” I asked him. “It is on the second floor,” he replied. “Cardinal Wuerl lives in a penthouse on the third floor,” he added with a grin.

The Current Crisis

Hillary Takes All Cakes

By 11.18.15

So it has come to this. The party that once nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman to win the presidency—the party that once nominated men of the stature of Adlai Stevenson and Hubert Humphrey to contest the presidency—is now left with the Three Stooges vying for the highest office in the land. There they stood on a stage in Des Moines, Iowa last Saturday night. The Republican Party had put up eight plausible presidential candidates on a stage on November 10. They even had a second tier debate a few hours earlier featuring candidates who did not make the cut but who could each trounce any of the Democrats’ Three Stooges in the 2016 election. Ladies and gentleman, you heard it first here. The 2016 results are in.  

The Obama Watch

Paris a ‘Sickening Setback’ for Obama

By 11.17.15

“Why can’t we take out these bastards?” CNN’s Jim Acosta bluntly asked President Obama at a Monday press conference at the Group of 20 summit in Turkey. “These bastards,” of course, are the Islamic State — at least for Acosta. As Obama called Friday’s attacks in Paris that left at least 129 dead a “sickening setback,” he saw no need to reset his Syrian policy.

Obama has been in a state of denial about the Islamic State. In 2014, the president famously told the New Yorker that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and in Arabic, Daesh, was a “JV team” that might dress like the Lakers but would never match Kobe Bryant. The day before the Paris attacks, Obama told ABC the Islamic State was “contained” in Iraq and Syria.

His cardinal sin, however, is not a poor choice of words, but his failure to cut a deal with Iraq to leave U.S. troops behind after 2011. By not leaving behind a force that could douse hot spots as needed, the administration created a safe zone for al-Qaida and its offshoots. That void enabled the Islamic State to seize Iraqi cities.

It’s no wonder Obama wants the United States to take in some Syrian refugees — he helped create them.

Freedom Watch

Trump’s ‘Trojan Horse’ Prediction Comes True

By 11.17.15

It wasn’t rocket science. Unless one is a liberal.

The question now is simple: Will new Speaker Paul Ryan defund the Obama obsession with flooding America with Syrian refugees — after ISIS fighters hiding in the midst of these refugees turned up in Paris to help lead the slaughter of innocents? As Donald Trump predicted a month ago?

Back there in the mists of October — last month — Donald Trump said this, as the New York Post headlined:

Trump says Syrian refugees could be a ‘Trojan horse’ for ISIS

Said Trump:

“I’ve been watching this migration. And I see the people. I mean, they’re men, they’re mostly men, and they’re strong men,” Trump said on “Face the Nation.” “What I won’t do is take in 200,000 Syrians who could be ISIS.”

He went on to say of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “What she’s done in Germany is insane. It’s insane.”

Main Street U.S.A.

In Search of a New Free-World Leader

By 11.17.15

Is Vladimir Putin the new leader of the free world?

All we currently know is that the job seems open, and that Putin has seemingly sent in his résumé, showing openness to the idea of an anti-Islamic State alliance with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

For contrast, see Barack Obama’s demeanor while talking to the press at the end of an international summit meeting in Turkey on Monday. “Mr. Obama sounded weary and defensive as he repeatedly rejected criticism of his yearlong strategy… to combat the Islamic State,” reported the New York Times. Criticism of his strategy has intensified amid the general horror over the Friday night massacres in Paris.

Previous world gatherings held against such a backdrop would have finished with a show of unity and faith — participants pledging solidarity with the leadership of the United States. Not this time.

The Nation's Pulse

Our Floundering Judicial System

By 11.17.15

“Unfairly targeted” and “disproportionately punished” appears to be the final rallying cry of the Obama administration — sort of like a grand finale after a prolonged series of duds.

As the administration’s attempted vote-solidifying storyline goes, America’s cops are unduly targeting communities that are disproportionately populated by members of the nation’s most historically oppressed constituency, aiming particularly at young males, while teachers and school administrators, allegedly employing the same racially prejudiced and gender-biased approach, are disciplining and expelling the nation’s students of color in disproportionate numbers, primarily males, for supposedly no good reason.

Continuing down the same path of purportedly righting the nation’s racial wrongs, thousands of drug dealers are now packing up and prematurely leaving the nation’s prisons as the Obama administration plays a supersized get-out-of-jail-free card by implementing the nation’s largest mass release of federal prisoners, while, simultaneously, guys who landed too many flounder are being hauled around in handcuffs to serve lengthening jail sentences.

Free Market Accountability Project

Diluting the eBay Standard Will Embolden Trolls

By 11.17.15

Patent reform is proving to be an incremental process. Congress took a big step in 2011, when it passed the America Invents Acts. Additional legislation to protect both established businesses and small entrepreneurs from unique and “innovative” forms of lawsuit abuse is pending both on Capitol Hill and in state houses around the country. The U.S. Supreme Court also delivered two decisions in 2014 that will make it easier for defendants to recover legal costs if an infringement suit is deemed frivolous.

But the work is far from over. Indeed, legislation and court rulings are credited with a 27 percent reduction in patent suits in 2014 compared to the year before. The downturn was short-lived, however, as patent suits surged again in the first half of 2015, increasing 11 percent compared to the same period in 2014. One powerful weapon for patent plaintiffs, foreign or domestic, is the injunction. That’s when a court, at its discretion, imposes a moratorium or ban on the sale or import of an alleged infringing product or component.