Fiduciary Virtues: How Important Is Donald Trump’s ‘Character’?


As an ROTC product, I got my infantry credentials in the summer of 1971. The Vietnam War was winding down, and, to my surprise, they didn’t need all us young lieutenants on active duty. So they offered us the Guard/Reserve option if we’d agree to a longer commitment. I took it so that I could […]

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Even Booming Bay Area Sees an Exodus


When asked whether he wanted to have dinner at a particular restaurant, Yogi Berra famously quipped, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” It’s easy to apply that contradictory concept to a recent poll showing more than a third of San Francisco Bay Area residents want to move out of the area in the next […]

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Hypocritical Hillary


What an amazing speech in Columbus by Hillary Clinton. She started off by telling the American people what is patently obvious: ‎People are working harder and longer just to keep their heads above water. And to deal with the costs, the everyday costs, the costs of basics like childcare and prescription drugs that are too […]

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Feds Shake Down FedEx — and Fail


Showtime’s Billions probably is 2016’s most intriguing dramatic series precisely because its nastiest villain is Chuck Rhoades, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Played by actor Paul Giamatti, Rhoades is a ruthless bully who wants to bury hedge fund big shots, whether he has the goods on them or not. Rhoades is […]

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Let Trump Be Trumpet


“Trump will lose,” the naysayers keep neighing in my ear. While Democrats have a mystical belief in their leaders, Republicans tend to the pessimistical. Indeed the Democrats should be called the right, because they think they are always right, and the Republicans should be called the left, because they expect to be left behind. Winners […]

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Liberal Interventionism Runs Amok at State


The Obama administration’s foreign policy in Syria has been a failure by any non-sociopathic measure, a policy quite literally at war with itself. And yet, some high ranking State Department officials want not less but more of this. To recap the insanity: Our government funded two different “moderate” rebel groups in Syria (CIA-backed Arab rebels […]

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Education Reform: One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All


Lately, education scholars at Washington, D.C.-based, nominally conservative think tanks have spun themselves into a tizzy about the education reform movement’s splintering into quarreling factions. Who knew such a monolithic movement existed? Even among strong advocates of parental choice, lively arguments have raged for decades over vouchers versus tax-credit scholarships, with each side arguing its […]

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Foul Legacy: The Children of Terrorism


What is it like to be raised by a militant or religious extremist? This is not something people like to think about, raising uncomfortable images. Children ensnared in a reality that promotes extremism, punishes free thinking, and kills dissenters. Children trapped in a life of indoctrination which makes the abnormal acceptable and the irrational logical. […]

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The Price of Going Obama Green


Proponents of green energy like to point out how the costs have come down — and they have. Though renewable energy, such as wind and solar, are not expected to drop to fossil fuel levels anytime in the near future and recent growth has been propped up by mandates and tax incentives. But there are other, more subtle […]

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Every Dog Has His Day–Even Erik Kratz


Baseball can be a feast for the sentimentalist. It’s a sport with sufficient competitive balance, and enough of the element of luck, that on any given day (night) the underdog can take it to the overdog. (See Al Weis, 1969, the 1988 Dodgers, et mucho al.) This happened again Monday night in Pittsburgh when Pirates […]

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