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The Importance of Being Earnest

By 5.29.02

Nobody could be in favor of Victorian hypocrisy anymore. So why do we continue to bash it -- and congratulate ourselves for being superior?
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Washington Prowler

J. Edgar Mueller

By 5.28.02

Even some Republican senators seem to have had it with President Bush's FBI director. Also: Why did Democrats -- for now -- not reject a ''controversial'' Bush judicial nominee?
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Loose Canons

Order of Battle in Kashmir

By 5.28.02

If we are to stop India and Pakistan from going to war, we first have to know how this coming war may be fought.
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Lifestyles Left and Right

All Aboard for Reparations


Slavery was an international operation, going back several millennia. The opportunity for lucrative shakedowns are thus limitless.
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Reader Mail

Happy Daze


Prescriptions, descriptions, conniptions and free kicks.
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Special Report

Decoration Day


Memorial Day reconsidered -- and remembered.
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Enemy of the Week

Imperial Bush


Peace in our time is a cinch.
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The Virginian

All Roads Lead to Prozacville

By 5.24.02

There was once something of a stricture against getting up in the morning and gobbling down pills. Not anymore.
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