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New Intelligence


Big talk about Mason & Felder. Marriage counseling. Jeb Bush in 2008? Real liberals. Plus much more.
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Live From New York

Plain Speak

By and 4.25.03

Memo to Bush bashers: If it were true that a smooth talker is a better thinker, the IQ of a used-car salesman would be ten times higher than Albert Einstein's.
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Political Hay

Pay and Be Happy!

By 4.25.03

Every April it's the same thing: a liberal pundit or two hectoring taxpayers about the joys of taxation.
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Special Report

Keeping the Nation at Risk


Twenty years ago a landmark report declared America and its public education a ''nation at risk.'' It remains so, except for the teacher unions, which make sure all ''reforms'' serve only their entrenched interests.
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Washington Prowler

Kerry Goes Digging

By 4.24.03

You don't have to be French to rely on your wife's money. Plus: Rick Santorum is a Catholic.
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Another Perspective

A Post-Atkins Diet

By 4.24.03

Hysterical anti-Americanism and bad taste from a Brit writing in the U.K.'s leading conservative paper!
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The Current Crisis

Learning From Daniel Pipes

By 4.24.03

Certain very partisan Islamic organizations want his nomination to the U.S. Institute of Peace rescinded because his writings do not hew their party line.
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