Corey Lewandowski Joins Snakes and Weasels Club


Welcome to Corey Lewandowski, the newest member of television’s Snakes and Weasels Club. What is the Snakes and Weasels Club? More — replete with history and membership list — in a moment. Corey’s entry into Snakes and Weasels — in this case moving from the Trump campaign to S&W’s CNN division (where, full disclosure, I […]

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Fascists Against Freedom, Unite


Everyone expects neo-Nazis to be thuggish and simpleminded. They’re losers who need a movement that tells them they are winners, so they troll for grievances and battles from which they can emerge as both morally superior and victims. They hate freedom. Traditionalist Worker Party leader Matthew Heimbach even wrote a piece, “I Hate Freedom,” in […]

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Why Brexit Is a Win for Brits and the U.S.


Thursday’s Brexit vote was about far more than immigration. For a millennium, Britain has been a proudly sovereign nation. But in the four decades since joining the European Union, Britain’s sovereignty has been increasingly threatened by European integration. At the core of Britain’s decision to exit the EU is this: People do not like being […]

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As in Britain, So Over Here


The president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, picking up on the precedent set by British voters, desires that the Southwestern empire where I make my home hold its own vote on seceding from the top-heavy politburo that seems to run America. Good luck on persuading the U.S. Army to march away from Fort Hood on […]

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The Fraud Goes On


Last week the Supreme Court of the United States voted that President Obama exceeded his authority when he granted exemptions from the immigration laws passed by Congress. But the Supreme Court also exceeded its own authority by granting the University of Texas an exemption from the Constitution’s requirement of “equal protection of the laws,” by […]

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Promises, Promises and the Knowing Voter


The only thing likely to match this election’s negativity will be voters’ cynicism. This is already clear from both candidates’ highly negative public approval ratings and voters’ belief that neither will keep promises. The upshot of voters’ detachment from the candidates is that they may well find it is mutual, once the next president takes […]

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T’s Complaint Bureau


Our so-called independent, so-called press is reporting that T had a bad week. If they only knew the half of it. We have no money, our polls are slipping in 39 states, and we’re locked in serial pissing matches with rinky-dink GOP officials from the last century. Sad. I drew the short straw and had […]

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‘Minister, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do’


In a shocking repudiation of their own political establishment and the European elites, 51.9 per cent of the British voting electorate decided on June 23 to sever relations with the European Union. Immigration angst, unemployment, partial surrender of sovereignty to Brussels, and overwrought rules and regulations from the Continent have been cited among the causes […]

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Florida’s New Lineup Card


Word has doubtless reached most of you that Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has decided to run for re-election to his Senate seat. This has caused all the candidates in the Republican Senate primary race to bail out, save Carlos Beruff, a Manatee County (Bradenton) builder who has never held elective office and is running […]

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Brexit of Champions (Part Deux)


The importance of last week’s “Brexit” vote cannot be diminished, even by those on our side of the Atlantic who insist on seeing only its possible effects on our November presidential election. In defining the importance of Brexit, the reactions within the EU are a good place to start. Brit PM David Cameron, having staked […]

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