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Political Hay

Dennis the Mouse


Political cowardice in the face of life translates into political death.
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Movie Takes

Gods and Generals

By 2.24.03

The ultimate in Civil War re-enactments can make for a laughably tiresome movie.
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Special Report

Back to Basics

By 2.23.03

After 9/11 everyone but the intellectual preeners knew what the U.S. was fighting and why. Nothing's changed, except that the preeners think they can now save themselves from irrelevance.
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Lifestyles Left and Right

Hillary: Vindicated at Last!


Recent developments suggest her insights into right-wing activity were spot on.
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Another Perspective

Vision Quest

By 2.23.03

The search for a miracle in the scrub and woods of East Texas.
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Reader Mail

The Neumayr Files


Reactions to George Neumayr's pre-Iraq War buildup. Plus lots more.
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Enemy of the Week

Dueling Subjects


Opposing war sets off age-old conflicts and conspiracies.
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