Will Scorsese’s Film, ‘Silence,’ Roar?


When Martin Scorsese makes a movie, attention must be paid. His films have been nominated for an Oscar, in various categories, 80 times, and have won the Oscar, in various categories, 20 times. Now Scorsese has a new film, Silence, which will make its debut two days before Christmas — just in time to be […]

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Partial-Birth Murder Is What Truly Disqualifies Hillary


In the twelve-step world there is a joke: the 12 steps keep us from killing ourselves and the traditions keep us from killing each other. America is a society of rules, and America is a society of traditions. The rules protect us from each other and the traditions supposedly protect us from ourselves. Donald Trump, […]

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Where Will White Evangelicals Be on November 9?


Invocations of the divine have always been part of American public life, going back to the assertion in the Declaration of Independence that “all men … are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” When Thomas Jefferson wrote of “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” from which the United States derived its […]

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Gross Out in Portland


If you had to choose one story that shows why American workers are not wild about unions these days, public or private, look to Portland, Oregon. Voters statewide are set to decide on a ballot initiative there in November that could do more to kill jobs than most category 4 hurricanes. Targeted at big businesses, […]

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Read Your Way to Long Life?


A study conducted by the Yale University School of Public Health purports to show that readers of books live longer than non-readers. So perhaps I’m not as close to my final chapter as I had imagined. These study results are personally comforting as I spend a lot of time under the lamp (and not at […]

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Taking a Vacation From Hop-Bomb Beers


Do I like America’s hoppy ales? Absolutely. I had my first one maybe 20 years ago. I can’t for the life of me recall what brew it was — a Sierra Nevada? An ale produced by one of my homebrewing friends? Regardless, the flavor was a revelation. My palate was so used to the thin, […]

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Paying the Price for Calling Obama a Commie


Call President Barack Obama a communist in Nebraska and you could pay a hefty price. Just ask Robert Bennie Jr., a successful financial adviser and former leader of the tea party in the state capital of Lincoln. Bennie and the employer that eventually fired him were hounded and harassed by the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance for months, in […]

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Speaking Truth to Power Becomes Sucking Up to Power


Despite a past Democratic nominee inventing the internet, the current party standard bearer struggles terribly with gizmos, gadgets, and other doohickeys associated with interweb technology. Hackers CC the emails of since-removed DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and current DNC chair Donna Brazile to, well, everyone. But Hillary Clinton wants us […]

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At Last, the Final Presidential Debate


The 27th law in Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power is “to create a cultlike following.” Toward that end, Greene suggests that the modern day prince “use words of great resonance but cloudy meaning, words full of heat and enthusiasm.” You wonder if Donald Trump read the book when you consider such pronouncements from […]

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Shrill Hillary’s Cheap Shots


The grimier Hillary’s campaign gets, the whiter her outfits become. Looking like a white-suited Las Vegas magician (when the camera panned out), Hillary at the final debate in Nevada was again shrill and scripted, and oddly defensive for a candidate the chattering class has already crowned president. No sooner had the debate ended than the […]

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