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Movie Takes


By 3.10.04

Might this P.C. shlock from Disney be thought of as Michael Eisner’s parting gift?

Political Hay

The Blame Lame

By 3.9.04

Democrats these days feel more at home on the lunatic fringe.

Special Report

Saving Saddam

By 3.9.04

Russian experts tried to bail out the Baathist -- what did Vladimir Putin know, when did he know it, and what did we know?

Another Perspective

Ozzie Nelson, Proto Postmodern Sitcomist

By 3.9.04

There was once a day when adventures in media did not require recourse to a Mute Button.

The Investor

The Ones That Got Away

By 3.9.04

There are some stocks of which you say, "Nah, that can’t go up anymore."

Reader Mail

Permanent Scars


Those left behind in Vietnam: Does Kerry care? Plus: Still not caring about Martha Stewart. Or about Social Security. Or Justice Blackmun. And more.

At Large


By 3.8.04

John Kerry has a POW past.

Special Report

Justice Death

By 3.8.04

The late Harry Blackmun is being lionized as the second coming of Oliver Wendell Holmes -- all because he made it easier to kill.

Washington Prowler

The Heinz Boy Goes IHOPping

By 3.8.04

John Kerry flips and flops along with Sandy Berger. Plus: Who'll ride after Colorado's Nighthorse?

Another Perspective

Private Concern

By 3.8.04

For young people participation in Social Security is nothing more than a grand giveaway on their part. How long before they opt out entirely?