Welfare State = No Death On The Streets?


Writing in National Review Online, George Mason University law professor and AmSpec contributor F. H. Buckley argues that Donald Trump has more in common with old-school Democrats (i.e., those of the pre-Carter era) that do present-day Democrats.  His article is an enjoyable read until you reach the end of the ninth paragraph: They [Old Democrats] […]

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VW’s Politically Incorrect ‘Chick Car’


There are men’s — and women’s — clothes. Different cut, different colors, different emphasis. No one sane complains that either derogates the other. If anything, the opposite. Women’s clothes make women look better; men’s also. It’s kind of the point. They are tailored to fit their different bodies and different preferences. Because the sexes are […]

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It Takes a Certain Kind of Stupid to Be a Political Commentator


Do journalism schools have a course called Stupidity 101, or is this something one picks up like a virus after working in the industry for a few years? I’m talking about the kind of stupidity that’s not found in folks who have real jobs or small businesses. Folks who have to worry about the slings […]

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Pat Toomey

Toomey and Trump — Who Is Dooming Whom?


As this commentary is being written, the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania between incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic rival Katie McGinty may be too close to call. Depending on whether one consults Real Clear Politics or the latest Muhlenberg College poll, the Republican incumbent is either one point ahead or five points behind. Toomey’s fate […]

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California’s Moral Superiority Complex


Sacramento I was drinking a beer recently in a bar in a small northern California town when a woman came in and demanded to know if any of the people sitting there owned a pickup truck parked out front. There was a dog inside it, sweltering in the 100-plus-degree Central Valley heat. She was going […]

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You, Too, Could Vote for Donald Trump


The political press corps has known Bob Stern as the straight-arrow president of Los Angeles’ Center for Governmental Studies who helped Jerry Brown create the Fair Political Practices Commission in 1974. Since the center closed its L.A. offices in 2011, Stern seems to have developed a devious side — or was it there all along? […]

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Obama’s Overtime Ordeal: GOP Voting to Delay Implementation


The House is poised for a Thursday vote on a plan to delay implementation of the Department of Labor’s overtime rule, which imposes huge new compliance and payroll costs on American employers by doubling the salary threshold of employees eligible for overtime pay. Currently, employers are required to pay overtime rates for salaried workers making up […]

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Hillary’s Bad Judgment: Exploits Porn Star Surrogate


A porn star? A Clinton surrogate? Really? Really? It is understandable why Donald Trump didn’t want to respond to Hillary Clinton’s “Miss Piggy” business the night of the debate, although, I confess, I wish he had. Chelsea Clinton was there and she and daughter Ivanka Trump are friends. He just didn’t want to go there […]

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Trump Can Do a Lot Better


Tuesday The world is shifting badly. Just today I sat with two brilliant graduate students at a super-high-end restaurant in Georgetown in DC. These girls are close relatives and their parents were there, too. One of the students explained what she was learning at her fancy university in New England. “They have found 35,000-year-old bone […]

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Holt in the Name of the Law


Dear Lester Holt, Thank you for moderating the debate Monday night between Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Abedin and myself this Monday night. Your exquisite journalistic equipoise rendered the evening spectacular in its moderation. If I may, I would like to append a supplemental point to one of my responses, which was sadly foreshortened by the […]

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