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Amnesty Amok


Who wants to think -- THINK -- about the President’s proposal?

Political Hay

Thinking About That “Amnesty”

By 1.9.04

President Bush didn't have to to this at all -- but he did it for all the right reasons.

At Large

Mutually Assured Frustration

By 1.8.04

We need help in Iraq but we’re doing nothing to involve two key U.S. allies -- whom we’ve long sustained -- in securing the country.

Special Report

Israel Shouldn’t Talk With Assad

By 1.8.04

It's time to get rid of the idea of quid pro quo with terrorists and killers.

The Current Crisis

Remembering Doc Counsilman

By 1.8.04

He was the greatest swim coach of all time, and among history's greatest coaches in any sport.

New Hampshire Under Siege

Dennis the Little Menace

By 1.8.04

The Kucinich campaign, our reporter discovers, is chock full of youthful enthusiasm.

Another Perspective

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

By 1.8.04

Discretion is the better part of deterrence.

New Hampshire Under Siege

Star Search

By 1.7.04

Anyone with $1,000 and a dream can get on the ballot in New Hampshire.

Washington Prowler

Harkin in No Hurry

By 1.7.04

Iowa’s lead Dem refuses to endorse. Plus: Watch out for John Edwards.

Political Hay

Buckle Up for Hillary

By 1.7.04

She and John Warner will belt you one if they catch you unharnessed.