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The New Derrida


Not since the famed Jacques has a Frenchmen been so thoroughly deconstructed. Plus much more, including an important announcement concerning a J.F. Kerry you won’t want to miss.

Another Perspective

Lose Some, Win Some

By 3.17.04

Spain aside, all is not well for the forces of evil.

Political Hay

The Treason Temptation

By 3.17.04

In their growing disdain for their own country Democrats increasingly rely on foreign opinion -- and think this won't cost them politically.

Washington Prowler

A River Runs Through It

By 3.17.04

In Idaho they know who JFK II is. Also: Illinois' rising star.

The Current Crisis

Binge College

By 3.17.04

Drinking is now the average student’s only confrontation with deep thought.

Media Matters

A Risky Culture Fight

By 3.17.04

If garbage-spewing Howard Stern can be shut down, what happens when President Hillary wants to pull the plug on talk radio for "hate speech"?

Reader Mail

Games People Play


Anti-American escalations. Losing Kerry at the movies. A Kerry serenade. Fox foxes. Plus more.

At Large

The Intelligence Game

By 3.16.04

When Washington is buying, it is usually told what the weaker players think it wants to hear.

Political Hay

John Dean Kerry

By 3.16.04

If his voice weren’t shot you would probably hear him screaming as he implodes.

TAS Live

Clinton’s Leading Conservative Lady

By 3.16.04

Is the glamorous Belinda Stronach on the verge of heading a major new Conservative Party?