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Political Hay

Leaving Things Unsaid

By 1.21.04

The president last night gave no relief to anyone worried about runaway government spending.

New Hampshire Under Siege

Dean Country

By 1.20.04

Licking his open wounds, the former frontrunner delivers a preemptive State of the Union Address, this time with an indoor voice. Plus: Republicans all wet.

Another Perspective

Hang Up and Drive!

By 1.20.04

Cell phone users should stay off the road.

Media Matters

The Latest Temptation of Frank Rich

By 1.20.04

The once powerful critic has become a liberal busybody of comic proportions.

Reader Mail

Left in the Cold


Dean done, how come? Massachusetts’ long weekend. Founding Bork. NRDC’s apple victims. Plus much more.

New Hampshire Under Siege

Rumbles in the Granite State

By 1.20.04

The disheveled Dems all flew in in the wee hours of the morning. It's going to be a long, cold, brutal week.

Campaign Crawlers

A Night at the Caucus

By 1.20.04

Live from the International Room at Iowa Wesleyan College.

Washington Prowler


By 1.19.04

Kerry’s "surprise" reunion. Jimmy Carter rolled by Bill Clinton. Dennis Kucinich’s sudden popularity.

Another Perspective

Cold Day

By 1.19.04

When turning up the heat doesn't do the trick.

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Bork’s Law

By 1.19.04

It’s American -- not a confection of liberal rulings based on anti-democratic world opinion.