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At Large

The Permanent Things

By 3.30.04

Who benefits from the forgiveness granted Osama bin Laden’s predecessor?

Sports Arena

America’s Game

By 3.30.04

Welcome back, baseball, an art form that will triumph over steroids.

Reader Mail

Peter Brimelow on the Sierra War


A reply to RiShawn Biddle. Plus: Holy Hollywood, 60 Minutes' finest hour, Kerry thumping, Scottish deficit reduction, Anti-terrorism, and more.

Another Perspective

The God Squad

By 3.29.04

Mel Gibson has freed Hollywood’s believers.

Special Report

Kerry’s Dirty Deeds

By 3.29.04

How, pray tell, do they comport with religious belief?

TAS Live

Deficits Don’t Matter

By 3.29.04

Debt that provides a positive real return is a good thing.

Campaign Crawlers

Kerry’s Good Works

By 3.29.04

John Kerry v. Martin Luther -- and the Vatican.

Media Matters

Brian Lamb at 25

By 3.29.04

Happy Anniversary, C-SPAN!

Political Hay

Wagging the President

By 3.29.04

Why didn’t Clinton bomb bin Laden after the attack on the USS Cole? "Let's understand the context."

Movie Takes

Two Men Went to War

By 3.29.04

A near throwback to that glory of British cinema, the Ealing Comedies of the immediate post-war period.