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Forgotten Yalies. Rush on Bush. Boy Dennis. Dean watch. School waste. Sane Canadian. Plus much more.

New Hampshire Under Siege

Restless Natives

By 1.12.04

Wesley Clark smokes the peace pipe with a disaffected tribe -- and so helps scalp White Man Dean.

Special Report

No Critics Left Behind

By 1.12.04

The consensus on education reform is beginning to unravel -- meaning now’s a good time for the president to remove the dunce cap from vouchers and school choice.

Campaign Crawlers

Dean’s Tax Cuts for the Rich

By 1.12.04

Democrats have just lost the debate on taxes and Social Security reform.

Political Hay

Go to Yale

By 1.12.04

But only if you intend to become president.

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Rosey Scenarios


Sliding head first into Pete. A Schlesingerian Howie. Amnesty rationale. Extending the Bush dynasty. Plus much more.

New Hampshire Under Siege

By 1.11.04

These punks are angry, they’re dedicated, and they won’t shut up.

Loose Canons

Truth Takes Another Beating

By 1.11.04

Welcome to the warped world of the BBC and Paul O’Neill.

Sports Arena

When Remorse Isn’t Rosey

By 1.11.04

Contrition should be irrelevant in the Pete Rose case.

Washington Prowler

Comrade Dean and the Workers

By 1.11.04

He mistrusts the Gephardt union label. Plus: O’Neill knows nothing.