What Do Chief David Brown and Washington Irving Have in Common?


What do Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Sleepy Hollow’s satirst Washington Irving have in common? Not much you might think. After all, 200 years separate their lives. Dallas Police Chief David Brown became a nationally known leader who showed calm and courage after five Dallas police officers were killed and nine others were injured […]

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An Anglican ‘Narrative’


Celebrated British columnist Michael Wharton (“Peter Simple”of the Daily Telegraph) once wrote to the effect that the Anglican Church seemed determined to drag itself down to a level so far beneath contempt that there was no expression to adequately describe it. Readers may contemplate the following story — I mean “narrative” — and decide for […]

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Bill Bennett2

Now Let Us Praise Bill Bennett


Over here at Hot Air, Larry O’Connor has thrown the spotlight on the always estimable William J. Bennett. The former Reagan Secretary of Education and Class A-Plus conservative had appeared on Fox News to say this of Donald Trump and his battle with the now increasingly eye-rolling Never Trumpers. “He does not need to speak […]

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Trump Will Liberate America’s World Leading Energy Producers


Donald Trump can become one of the greatest Presidents in American history, if he can lead adoption of just a few desperately needed changes in federal policies and law. Trump has already pledged to adopt these changes, while Hillary has pledged to oppose them. This is the fourth in a multi-part series on those desperately […]

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The Standard Bearer of Bull Connor’s Party Calls Trump Racist


A Hillary Clinton campaign video featuring Confederate flags and goobers in white sheets ominously informs, “If Trump wins, they could be running the country.” Mike Tyson didn’t bite Evander Holyfield’s ears because the knockout artist felt he was winning. Such flouting of the Marquess of Queensberry rules of politics (a much rougher sport than boxing) […]

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Negative Campaigns: The PEDs of Politics 


Negative campaigns in politics are akin to steroids in sports: Although deplored, they work. Both Clinton and Trump better hope that continues to be true. Due to the public’s irredeemably low opinion of them, necessity is going to continue compelling them into dueling negative campaigns. Saying Clinton and Trump are unpopular with the American public […]

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Will Appeals Ruling Sober Up State’s Pension Abusers?


Sacramento California’s hardy band of pension reformers show many of the symptoms of “battered spouse syndrome.” No matter how often they are beaten and ridiculed, they cling to hope. Maybe this time, the state will get its act together and reform a system of profiteering that’s threatening our fiscal future. I’ve heard them say as […]

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Extreme Anxiety — Or How to Negotiate With Hostage-Holding Terrorists


An excerpt from Daniel Wattenberg’s new nonfiction novella, Decatur’s Wake: The Fateful Rivalry Behind the Lightning Defeat of Barbary Terror, available as a Kindle Single from Amazon. Within five days of his arrival in the Mediterranean in June 1815 in command of a squadron of ten ships, Commodore Stephen Decatur had captured two Algerine warships, including […]

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Jew-Hatred at the World Social Forum


The 2016 annual meeting of the World Social Forum took place in Montreal this month to strategize and coordinate campaigns in support of anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, and now anti-Semitism. Viewed as a progressive alternative to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, it began with an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting a stereotypical hook-nosed Orthodox Jew controlling […]

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ISIS Is Islamic, But Most of Islam Is Not ISIS


President Obama and Hillary Clinton are wrong when they say ISIS is not Islamic. Let me be perfectly clear. The majority of Muslims are not terrorists, but al-Qaeda and ISIS are part of an Islamic fundamentalist tradition. The idea of narrowly interpreted the Koran to justify terrorism can be traced to numerous Islamic scholars over […]

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