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Washington Prowler

What’s To Like?

By 2.2.04

John Kerry’s main problem.

Special Report

The Vaguely Dissatisfied Rich

By 2.2.04

They’re liberal, they’re loaded, and their names are John Edwards and John Kerry.

Campaign Crawlers

Caught Off Base

By 2.2.04

A left-wing linguist and the Dean and Bush campaigns.

Reader Mail

Collins Mix


Toiletbowl toiletries. The missing mystery. Air over Houston. Terrorist projections. Plus much more.

Sports Arena

The Brady Bunch

By 2.1.04

A Super Bowl for the ages (if you could stand the heat).

Media Matters

Toiletbowl XXXVIII

By 2.1.04

Filthy ads dominate first half -- only to disappear in the second after the kids have gone to bed. Another stupendous moment in American popular culture.

Loose Canons

Kerrying On Regardless

By 2.1.04

We could be stuck with him and his Clintonian position on terrorism.

Washington Prowler

Modern Machiavels

By 2.1.04

Edwards’ pariah politics. Kerry creates a job.

Another Perspective

Murder Most Modern

By 2.1.04

Good mystery writing that any Republican can love.

Political Hay

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

By 2.1.04

The Botox Boy’s special relationship with special interests.