Hillary Raises Kaine


So Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s number two. I can’t imagine that the Bernie Sanders crowd is too thrilled with this pick. But not so annoyed as to vote for Donald Trump. But until I read Richard Kelsey’s piece on Kaine, I did not know he could speak Spanish fluently. It could compensate […]

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Boos for Cruz, Excellence From Pence


Cleveland Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence drew cheers for his speech Wednesday, but when the third night of the Republican National Convention was over, the topic that dominated conversation was the churlish performance of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The crowd in the Quicken Arena loudly booed Cruz for failing to endorse Trump during his […]

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Nero Fiddles, Twitter Burns


When Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos, a blogger for the conservative news website who used the Twitter handle Nero, Yiannopoulos reacted with characteristic modesty. He told the New York Times the ban launched “the beginning of the end for Twitter.” Oddly, Yiannopouolos may be right. In February, the social media platform announced its “Trust and […]

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You Wanted Trump, You’ve Got Him


This should be the last time I write against Donald Trump all year. Okay, all you conservatives who supported Donald Trump before he officially became the Republican Party’s official nominee last night: Now, you own him. He’s all yours. When he again spouts asinine or even vicious nonsense — like belittling tortured POWs from Vietnam, […]

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Unions Are Root Cause of Policing Problems


Even before the chilling murders of police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Kansas City, most conservatives had been rallying around the “boys in blue,” defending law enforcement against allegations it is racially biased and abusive and fearing a new “war on cops.” It’s hard not to feel sympathy for the cause of “law and […]

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Les Terroristes’ Tactics


The Bastille Day terrorist rundown massacre in Nice, France last week shows us again just how hard it is to wage a successful war on “terrorism” as such. Terrorism is a tactic, not an ideology, though clearly it’s a tactic that some ideologies and populations seem more gung-ho to take up than others. The instincts […]

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Where Are the Vicious Animals?


With all the nation’s acute economic, cultural, and security problems, I hate to bring up yet another. But with the increasing number of sports teams throughout the republic, we’ll eventually have to face up to the acute shortage of vicious animals to name these teams after. Vintage franchises long ago scooped up kick-butt mascots such […]

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Democrats With Bylines


Cleveland The liberal media’s determination to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House has become blatantly transparent in their coverage of the Republican National Convention here. Anyone who ever doubted that major network news operations are staffed with partisan Democrats needed only have observed the way allegedly “objective” reporters inflated Melania Trump’s opening-night speech into […]

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The Candidates for 2016


Washington When Great Britain’s Boris Johnson was forced out of the running to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister by an act of the utmost treachery, the civilized minority on both sides of the Atlantic knew that we had only one candidate left to deliver us amusement and a dramatic shift to good government, Donald […]

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Pro Teams and the Police


Five police officers dead in Dallas, another three in Baton Rouge, what could be a more appropriate time to have your employees express anti-police sentiment in public? An outrageous sentiment, right? Outrageous yes, but judging by the milquetoast responses from both the NFL and NBA on some of their players’ recent actions, it seems to […]

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