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The No Clue Election

By 5.13.04

Bush wins in a rout, as will Kerry, except it’s likely to be a dead heat.

Another Perspective

The Elgin Pelican Turns 90

By 5.13.04

Cleaning up America’s streets since 1914.

Political Hay

Wonder Bread or Blue Collar?

By 5.13.04

The White House struggles to maintain the GOP as the party of white-bread suburbia -- meaning, all quiet on the social issues front.

The Current Crisis

Keeping One’s Head

By 5.13.04

When all around you the libs are losing theirs.

At Large

Abu Ghraib and the Useful Idiots

By 5.12.04

It’s a wild circus, 24/7, the images from the prison as sordid and obscene as the faces of the leftist moralists are righteous and haughty.

Washington Prowler

Kerry Lite

By 5.12.04

Easing the great man’s burden. Plus: Hillary: Living With His Story.

Political Hay

The Abu Ghraib Collection

By 5.12.04

Jesse Helms would certainly be surprised at the moral horror on display these days in the Senate.

TAS Live

With This Ring

By 5.12.04

Girls will love this one.

Movie Takes

Super Size Me

By 5.12.04

You deserve a break today.

Reader Mail

Eat This Up


Home economics. Ben Stein salute. Iraq, now what? Police chases. Hillary-free. Plus much more.