NBA Commissioner Puts North Carolina in Play for Hillary


As goes North Carolina so goes the nation? It is hard to imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump and the Republicans can win the election in November if they lose the Tar Heel State. With this as a backdrop, we are witnessing an incredible moment in the history of sports and politics in which […]

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Elizabeth Warren

Dems Busting Airbnb


The battle over Airbnb is taking center stage at the Democratic National Convention. The fight is emblematic of the dispute between Republicans and Democrats over who should steer the economy: government regulators, on the one hand, or consumers and business innovators on the other. Democrats are attacking Airbnb and similar Internet sites that enable people to earn […]

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10 Reasons Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton


Under normal circumstances, a Republican wouldn’t feel compelled to explain why he wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. But 2016 is a year like no other. And in this year like no other, it has become an article of faith among supporters of Donald Trump that a refusal to vote for their man is a vote […]

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In Bed With Her Wall Street Cronies


In his less-than-enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the Democrats’ choice for President, Sen. Bernie Sanders decried “Greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior” and declared that we couldn’t let “billionaires buy elections.” Perhaps his opposition research team discovered what we have about Clinton’s connections with the very entities he despises: Wall Street, which he’s accused of […]

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Are Democrats the No-Growth Party?


Amidst the latest email turmoil inside the Democratic National Committee, another scandal of sorts has emerged. Democrats don’t have any growth message. None. My friends at the American Enterprise Institute reported last week that the Democratic platform is silent on “economic growth.” Every poll shows that the economy and jobs are the voters’ top two […]

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The ‘Smart’ Party and the ‘Dumb’ Party


I guess I’m a — how you spell that there word? “Kon-serve-a-tive.” That’s with a “K,” right? Meaning I didn’t do no college and I like to monkey with cars. And I don’t trust them Ivy League folks with all them degrees. And might — you won’t tell nobody, will you, Mister? ’Cause them edjy-cated […]

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LOL at the DNC


Democrats have every reason to rage against the Democratic National Committee: Newly leaked DNC memos confirm that Donald Trump was right when he said the party machine was “rigged” in Hillary Clinton’s favor. The latest CNN/ORC poll shows that 68 percent of voters think Clinton is not “honest and trustworthy.” As a Republican unhappy with […]

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Black Votes Matter


Black votes matter. If Republicans could get 20 percent of black votes, the Democrats would be ruined. This is highly unlikely, given the approach used by Republicans. However, the point is that Democrats must not only continue to get nine-tenths of black votes, they also need to get a high turnout of black voters on […]

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Can Hillary Get As Much Applause at The DNC as Bernie?


I just finished watching Bernie Sanders speech. It took him several minutes to begin his remarks because of the wild applause. Can Hillary hope to get that much applause? Come to think of it, will as many people watch Hillary’s speech as watched Bernie’s? There were some in the audience who derided Hillary’s name as […]

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Something Terrible


When Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her vice presidential nominee, what she was really choosing was one of the two major characteristics defining her as a politician. Clinton could, had the notion struck her, picked Sherrod Brown or Liz Warren as her running mate. In doing so she would have fully embraced her record […]

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