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Political Hay

Senate Nearing Nuclear

By 11.17.03

After last week's marathon Senate Republicans will score points against unconstitutional Democrats.
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Reader Mail

Now, Seriously


Paleos, Dems, pushers, shovers, floggers, luggage tamperers and much more, including new Civil Warriors.
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Loose Canons

A Fuse Burning Short

By 11.16.03

New bombshell: even lefties agree Iran is building a bomb. Why is the International Atomic Energy Agency suddenly in denial?
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Washington Prowler

Kerry Over

By 11.16.03

Across the river and into the abyss.
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Reader Mail

Ben Stein’s Civil Warriors


A special exchange, as Ben replies individually to every writer.
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Enemy of the Week

A Mighty Wind

By 11.14.03

All the usual blowhards, out of ear's range.
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Special Report

Killer Deal

By 11.13.03

Brutally murder 48 women, get life in prison. Upside: It saves the taxpayers money.
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