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Sundays With Dickerson

By 4.14.15

The announcement was made over the weekend that CBS News would be replacing the 78-year old Bob Schieffer as the host of its Face The Nation Sunday show with a representative of a new generation of biased leftwing Beltway insiders.

John Dickerson, son of the former CBS reporter and D.C. socialite Nancy Dickerson, has served as CBS’s political director as well as chief political correspondent at the online left-wing rag Slate for the last several years. Prior to those jobs Dickerson was a reporter at the left-wing print rag Time magazine. He now takes over for Schieffer, who made a reputation as one of the more partisan Democrats in television news.

Nothing — nothing — will change with Dickerson taking over for Schieffer.

What are we getting from the network that gave us Dan Rather’s defamations of George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard record, Walter Cronkite’s North Vietnamese propaganda, Daniel Schorr’s smearing of Barry Goldwater as a Nazi wannabe, and the serial spiking of Sharryl Attkisson’s investigative reporting of the Obama scandals?

Enemy of the Day

Hillary’s Seinfeld Moment

By 4.14.15

What does it mean to be “Ready for Hillary”?

Prior to the release of Hillary Clinton's announcement video, “Getting Started,” that answer has largely been a vague feeling that Hillary would make a great president because shes a woman who has held three important job titles and she has traveled a lot. It turns out it means even less than that.

What case does “Getting Started” make for Hillary 2016? We can start with legendary tomatoes, a phrase which no doubt raised interest for the former President Bill Clinton, until he found out the video would about actual tomatoes and they would be “legendary” only in the growers neighborhood. Which is basically like saying, “Hey, this lady grows a lot of tomatoes!”

Main Street U.S.A.

Of Jordan Spieth and Hillary Clinton

By 4.14.15

I’m. Just. So. Excited. That. Hillary. Clinton. Is. Ready. To. Be. My. Champion.

I mean, she says she’s ready, what with “the deck… still stacked in favor of those at the top.”

Oh, ma’am, we “everyday Americans,” I can tell you, have had it up to here with the “top” people running everything. We’re ready for a president with a family net worth of only $13 million: somewhere in the Clinton range, we’re informed.

Something else we’re ready for is a president whose speech-giving fees, pre-campaign, were a modest $200,000: $10,000 a minute or thereabouts; no more than your Aunt Bessie would spend on a new Lamborghini Gallardo.

Excited? That doesn’t begin to express how us everyday folks — scuse my stomach growling, Miz Clinton, we gave up breakfast so we could pay our Obamacare premiums — what I was trying to say back there was that us everyday people appreciate how you got a deep feeling for us. And for our votes.

The Hillary Watch

Hillary Is Not a Woman: She’s a Liberal

By 4.14.15

“I suppose it’s fair to say: don’t you someday want to see a woman president?” Thus asks Hillary Clinton, newly declared for the presidency. Or is that re-declared?

The problem? Hillary Clinton isn’t a woman. And any Republican who is running for president who thinks she is will deserve the loss coming their way.

What is Hillary Clinton? She is in fact… ready? A liberal. A plain, garden-variety left-wing liberal. I know, I know. She looks like a woman. But as conservatives have long since learned, looking like a woman doesn’t make you a woman.

I learned this myself years ago in a battle over the nomination of a friend of mine to a seat on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. He had a lot of supporters who happened to be women. They were professionals. Lawyers and serious lawyers at that, active in the legal profession with considerable professional reputations and accomplishments. But, alas.

A Further Perspective

Not As Stupid As They Think

By 4.14.15

Late last year, the name Jonathan Gruber became part of the public consciousness for his newly public declarations that Obamacare passed due to the “stupidity of the American voter.” While there are many cases one can cite affirming that most Americans don’t closely follow politics and/or the political process and, therefore, may be called “stupid,” the campaign to sell the manmade climate change crisis narrative proves otherwise.

We are smarter than they think. We are not buying what they are selling.

Dictator Watch

The New Inquisition

By 4.14.15

How long will this country remain free? Probably only as long as the American people value their freedom enough to defend it. But how many people today can stop looking at their electronic devices long enough to even think about such things?

Meanwhile, attempts to shut down people whose free speech interferes with other people’s political agendas go on, with remarkably little notice, much less outrage. The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting the tax-exempt status of conservative groups is just one of these attempts to fight political battles by shutting up the opposition, rather than answering them.

Another insidious attempt to silence voices that dissent from current politically correct crusades is targeting scientists who do not agree with the “global warming” scenario.

Congressman Raul Grijalva has been writing universities, demanding financial records showing who is financing the research of dissenting scientists, and demanding their internal communications as well. Mr. Grijalva says that financial disclosure needs to be part of the public’s “right to know” who is financing those who express different views.

The Hillary Watch

Someone Please Save Us From Republican Consultants

By 4.13.15

I have a theory that if only we ignore the Republican consultant class, we can win a presidential election, and not otherwise.

The advice has started to roll in, according to a piece in the Washington Post on April 12, 2015, “A fast start for ‘Stop Hillary’ drive.” And it’s mostly wrong.

I especially object to those who advise against ridiculing Hillary in a manner that might be construed as “sexist.” So Bruce Fein says: “Republicans need to be careful about seeming condescending toward a female candidate when we talk about competence. If we’re not careful, it’ll bring out even more of the women vote for her, and that’d be devastating.” Give me a break! We already tried going the inoffensive route with Obama. So terrified were we that something we said could be construed as “racist,” we lost the last two elections.

The Right Prescription

Math Is Hard For Obamacarians

By 4.13.15

If you are masochistic enough to read the “reporting” of the legacy media on Obamacare, you will have noticed a spate of recent stories with titles like the following from CNBC: “Health spending post-Obamacare seen $2.5 trillion lower.” This headline is not only awkwardly worded. It is, like the article over which it appears, misleading. It misrepresents a new study from the left-leaning Urban Institute concerning projected health care spending in a way that suggests the nation has saved enormous amounts of money thanks to the “Affordable Care Act.”

Campaign Crawlers

Don’t Underestimate This Guy

By 4.13.15

It has been a long time since the nation has had an articulate leader. Contrary to the fawning of the mainstream media, and the loyalty of the usual progressive suspects, our current president is not articulate. Not even close.

The word articulate implies at least a modicum of substance. To be articulate, one has to be right at least some of the time. Barack Obama hasn’t been right about anything since he told us that he would fundamentally change the nation. He’s bad for, as the lawyers phrase it in their objections, assuming facts not in evidence. What he is is glib. When the teleprompter is working, we can sometimes go so far as slick. But he’s not articulate. 

High Spirits

Reducing Religion Down

By 4.13.15

Liberal Christianity is made up of three reductions:

1. The reduction of religion to morality.

2. The reduction of morality to love of neighbor.

3. The reduction of love of neighbor to tolerance plus welfare programs.

The classic expression of the first reduction is found in Matthew Arnold’s definition of religion as “morality touched by emotion.” Liturgy doesn’t much matter. Nor does dogma. And it certainly doesn’t matter whether your form of church government is congregational, presbyterian, episcopal, papal-episcopal, or even no-church-at-all.

God says, “I don’t care what you believe, how you worship, etc. Just be good.”

The reduction of morality to love of neighbor allows liberal Christians to escape from the Augustinian puritanism that has been the mark of orthodox Catholicism and classical Protestantism. As long as you love your neighbor, you are being good.

Thus moral goodness is compatible with fornication, unmarried cohabitation, out-of-wedlock childbirth, abortion (unborn babies don’t count as “neighbors”), and homosexual sodomy. It is also compatible with small-scale lying and cheating.