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ISIS Doesn’t Give a Damn What Trump Says About Them

By 12.21.15

Let me begin by stating that Donald Trump’s proposal to bar Muslims from travelling and immigrating to the United States is immoral in principle and unworkable in practice.

With that said, it is one thing to disagree with Trump’s Muslim proposal, but quite another to suggest that his proposal is enough to drive Muslims to join ISIS. Over the past few days, several public figures have made this assertion.

It began with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who stated in an interview with CNN that Trump is a “recruitment poster” for ISIS.

Later in the week, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Malala Yousafzai stated that Trump’s proposals would “radicalize more terrorists.” She made her remarks during a commemoration on the anniversary of the Taliban massacre at the military school in Peshawar, Pakistan, which claimed the lives of 148 people, including 134 children.

The Right Prescription

Omnibus Includes Lethal Rejection for Obamacare

By 12.21.15

Yes, yes. I know. Only a RINO or a (Trumphradites may insert preferred epithet for thinking Republicans here) would claim that the House omnibus spending bill contains anything conservatives can applaud. It does, nonetheless, include such a provision. As Ronald Reagan — who signed several omnibus bills himself — famously said, facts are stubborn things. And one of the most intransigent facts about this bill is that it imposes a deadly dose of fiscal restraint on Obamacare. It requires the law’s “risk corridor” program to remain budget neutral. This is far more dangerous to the “Affordable Care Act” than most observers realize.

At Large

Australia’s Islamophilic Prime Minister

By 12.21.15

Australia’s new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who gained power over the Liberal (i.e. conservative) Party and government by a dishonorable intra-party coup, is continuing to delight the left and disgust the conservatives of his own party.

He has done conservatism in Australia enormous damage. In the damage he has also done to standards of honorable behavior in public life, he rivals or perhaps surpasses Bill Clinton.

Australia’s major conservative party has had some disappointing leaders — Holt, Gorton, McMahon, even perhaps Turnbull’s politically assassinated predecessor Tony Abbott. But none were actively hostile to fundamental Liberal Party principles, and to the ways of thinking that might generally be called conservative.

To his nauseating praise of Mao Tse-tung (he called history’s greatest mass murderer the man who made the Chinese people stand up, even parroting a phrase in Chinese to do so), Turnbull has now given forth an at least equally emetic paean to Islam and, as a corollary, denigration of the achievements of Western science and other cultures, such as the Hindu achievements in numerals, mathematics and navigation.

The Environmental Spectator

Solar Initiative Circling the Drain

By 12.18.15

Floridians for Solar Choice, an ad hoc group seeking a carve-out for the already heavily subsidized solar industry in Florida, appears to be running out of sunshine (it wouldn’t do to say gas here) in its constitutional amendment petition drive.

The group has gathered 271,000 certified signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the November 2016 state ballot that would oblige the state to promote solar power over other forms of electrical power generation and would allow citizens to generate solar power through a solar power company. This generation and sales would not be regulated in any way by the state’s Public Service Commission, which regulates electric utilities. And the power would be sold not by individuals but by solar power companies. The amendment is about as naked a push for a single industry’s self-interest as one is likely to encounter.



By 12.18.15

Edward Moore Kennedy, named for a man described by one biographer as Joseph Kennedy’s “whoremaster,” never really stood a chance of becoming anybody but Edward Moore Kennedy. Camelot courtiers nevertheless continually try to turn bawdy Prince Hal into heroic King Henry V. But like mixing Shakespeare with Lerner and Loewe in the same mixed-up metaphor, the effort forever fails.

The latest rehabilitation project for the late senator who could have once (or twice or thrice) benefitted from rehab comes from Hollywood and it goes by the working title Chappaquiddick. Mark Ciardi, who registered a 9.37 earned-run average in the majors but enjoys a somewhat better record as a producer of sports movies, told the Hollywood Reporter: “You’ll see what he had to go through.”

Does the producer of Chappaquiddick not know that Mary Jo Kopechne was a “she”?

The little that Ted Kennedy “had to go through” in terms of consequences during his formative years foreshadowed what he put Kopechne through on July 18, 1969.

Among the Intellectualoids

Placemats of the Ivy League

By 12.18.15

Remember Pajama Boy with a cup of hot chocolate in hand clad in plaid jammies? He was the bright-eyed twerp whose holiday gift in 2013 was the Gospel of Obamacare around the family fireplace.

Well, Pajama Boy has moved on but his Holy Spirit has not. And where better a place for evangelism and the propagation of faith than on laminated talking-points placemats in the legendary dining halls of Harvard College?

Colorful “Holiday Placemats for Social Justice” now provide a “guide for holiday discussions of race and justice with loved ones.”

Thanks to the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and the Freshman Dean’s Office, Harvard students can deliver Good News with ideological precision over winter break — we dare not call it Christmas vacation — to cretins in the family who resist their Glad Tidings.

The placemats provide post-Christian litanies and responses in four verses:

1. “Yale/Student Activism”

Political Hay

Speaker Paul Boehner

By 12.18.15


Absolutely astonishing. Is it any wonder the base of the GOP is flocking to the campaigns of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz .?

So much for Speaker Paul Ryan .. Make that Speaker Paul Boehner.

The Ryan-led House GOP has utterly betrayed the Republican base that elected them. In the recently passed budget deal for which, according to the Washington Post, “House Republicans provided most of the needed votes,” the GOP leadership saw to it — after swearing up and down that they would use their congressional posts to defund Obamacare, stop the Obama executive amnesty, and defund Planned Parenthood — broke every last promise. Once elected, the GOP Congress turned on their own supporters — deliberately, willfully, eagerly — and broke every last promise. All of them.

Special Report

Socrates on Gun Control and ISIS: A Dialogue

By 12.18.15

Socrates: Why have you come at this hour, Crito? It must be quite early.

Crito: Yes, certainly.

Socrates: What is the exact time?

Crito: The dawn is breaking.

Socrates: What is your reason for such an early entrance.

Crito: There has been another mass shooting in the agora.

Socrates: My thoughts and prayers are with those in mourning who cry out to the Furies for vengeance in this world or the next!

Bulletin From Ben Stein

The Young Man From Baltimore

By 12.17.15

I believe in miracles. Being born in America, to me, is a miracle. Having my wonderful wife is a miracle. My son, my daughter-in-law, my granddaughter, my sister, my friends, my homes, especially my dogs, are all miracles.

But like everyone else, I have been terribly worried about America in recent years. We are torn apart by many kinds of racial and political animosities. We face an enemy of unspeakable cruelty determined to kill the innocent. We have a President who ran on a promise to make us all one America, but who instead has presided over deep splits, violence, and hatred, not necessarily his fault.

In particular, many of us are worried about crime and how police and media behavior are playing out in that frightening realm.

Are we destined to be pulled apart into an atomized America? If not, what is the solution?

Political Hay

Ted Cruz’s Foreign Policy Triumph

By 12.17.15

At the CNN Las Vegas debate Tuesday night, an important distinction was reintroduced to Republican politics. During the debate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz presented a well-thought out, foreign and national defense policy based on the original, Reagan conservatism. One that focuses on advancing America’s security interests around the world, not on sacrificing American lives and treasure on replacing foreign dictators with human rights, birthing new democracies, or building jobs and prosperity in foreign lands.

The Cruz and Reagan doctrine goes all the way back to America’s Founding Fathers. They wanted America to stay out of endless European wars, and foreign “entangling alliances.” They wanted America to stand for human rights, democracy, and prosperity for all. But they envisioned America advancing those goals by its own example, not at the point of a gun.