Stanford’s Batty Booze Ban


The mercury is trending downward, the leaves are turning red and orange, and fresh faces flood campuses across our nation. Autumn is back. It’s a lovely annual recurrence. At Stanford University, however, something this year has changed: liquor has been mostly banned. The policy, announced last month, is baroque: In an effort to reduce the […]

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Hillary and Joe Paterno


Joe Paterno, “JoePa,” the once legendary Head Football Coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions with 409 career wins under his belt, not including a record 24 Bowl victories, made news again this past Saturday even though he has been dead for nearly five years. If you remember, Paterno overnight went from beloved to reviled […]

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Trump Should Blame Obama for Ford’s Move to Mexico


Ford Motor Company made headlines on September 9 when, during an investor conference, CEO Mark Fields told attendees that it will invest $1.6 billion to build a manufacturing plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and will move all of its small car production there during the next two to three years. The announcement was hardly […]

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Suddenly, a Shifting Pension Paradigm?


Sacramento Last month, I wrote a dour column for the Spectator doubting that a significant new appeals court decision in a major pension case would ultimately change the financial trajectory of our state’s pension systems. Bottom line: A court finally agreed that oversized pensions for public-sector workers could be cut going forward, just as is […]

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Hillary Clinton and Pardongate


For years, the liberal media have tried to defend almost every Clinton scandal. One of the few exceptions was Pardongate. During his eight years in office, President Clinton granted 450 pardons and commutations. Thirty-nine percent of them were granted in his last day in office. He signed 140 pardons and 36 commutations. Most Americans were […]

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Trump Foundation, Charity in Name Only


Donald Trump famously said in January that his supporters were so loyal, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” It’s amazing that Trump was able to exhibit his low view of his supporters, and not lose ground in the polls. Still, I wonder how […]

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‘And He Walks With Me’


Sunday It’s the day of the Emmy Awards ceremony. I am feeling a bit strange about it. For one thing, I used to go to the Daytime Emmy ceremony year after year when Win Ben Stein’s Money was on the air on Comedy Central. That was fifteen years ago. I’m sad that I’m not invited […]

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Hillary’s Submission to Militant Muslims


In her infamous lecture about “smart power” in 2014, Hillary Clinton said that American leaders must “understand” and “empathize” with Islamic terrorists. She has the empathy down but not the understanding. She still can’t grasp the obvious theological motivation of the Islamic terrorists, which comes not from what they read in American newspapers but from […]

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What’s in Your Wallet?


The choice for voters is clear: a tax cut from Trump or a pay cut courtesy of Clinton. Donald Trump is promising to slash income taxes to zero for millions of people currently paying them, and to reduce the tax bite on everyone else except the megarich. Hillary Clinton isn’t cutting income tax rates for anyone. Instead, she’s […]

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Hillary, Donald, and the Birthers’ Demise


Washington Did you see the interview over the weekend of a listless and apparently exhausted Hillary Clinton? Supposedly she has recovered from last week’s bout with pneumonia, but you could have fooled me. Call me a hypochondriac, but in my opinion her recovery is not going very well. From what looked like the back of […]

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