From Fracking to Flatulence: The All-Out Assault on Methane


What is the “biggest unfinished business for the Obama administration?” According to a report from Bill McKibben, the outspoken climate alarmist who calls for all fossil fuels to be kept in the ground, it is “to establish tight rules on methane emissions” — emissions that he blames on the “rapid spread of fracking.” McKibben calls […]

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Skewing the Narrative on Trade Policy


Interviewers exert a tremendous amount of power over their interviews — from the questions they ask (or, more importantly, don’t ask) to the tone with which they ask those questions, they can create or dispel a subject’s influence or appeared expertise. This past week, Kai Ryssdal, host of Marketplace on National Public Radio, interviewed David […]

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Trump Protesters Without Borders


One of my favorite charities is Doctors Without Borders. It’s the only charity it never bothers me to be accosted by at the local grocery store. Is there anything more noble then risking your life to save another’s? Doctors traveling the globe helping those who can’t yet help themselves — I can’t fathom why they are […]

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Congratulations Team USA!


We should take a moment to congratulate our Olympic Team. It pulled off the greatest victory in the history of the Summer Olympics. Plus what an Olympics it was. Here are a few reasons why. 1. From European to a Genuinely Global Olympics When the modern Summer Olympics began in z1896, only 241 athletes competed […]

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The Gray Lady’s Dainty Concerns About Bias


The New York Times considered it news the other day that Sean Hannity gives advice to Donald Trump, whom he has publicly and repeatedly endorsed. The tut-tutting tone of the piece, coming from a newspaper as baldly biased as the Times, is comic. The subtext of the column is that Hannity poses a threat to […]

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Summer and Smoke


Monday Oooh. Close to the end of summer and it’s smoky up here in Sandpoint, Idaho. There are brush fires burning east of us near Spokane. The smoke is blown over our perfect Lake Pendoreille, covers it up for a time, and then the wind shifts and we have a clear view west for miles. […]

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Renewable Fuels Deserve a Place at the Pump


As seen on these pages in the past, it’s not uncommon for commentators to lump America’s thriving biofuel sector into the same category as taxpayer-funded green energy flops like Solyndra. Yet the facts show that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has been remarkably successful at enhancing America’s energy security by smoothly integrating a growing share […]

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Feel Sorry for Ryan Lochte


Ryan Lochte is the diablo. You know this because you, like every other citizen of the media world, have consumed the verdade on NBC and elsewhere. You have passed julajamento on Ryan Lochte and his ugly, entitled Americano ways. If you’re Speedo, you’ve cut him loose. Drunk, brazen, greedy, rich, and beautiful, Ryan Lochte deserves […]

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Exposing the Left’s Dogmatism on Sexual Orientation and Gender


There’s a quote attributed to Ronald Reagan, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” It’s also that so many of those things that they know that “aren’t so” lead to bad policies based on those lies and distortions. Take, for instance, the recent […]

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‘Florence Foster Jenkins,’ A Great Movie of Our Times


One of the more subtle bits of humor in Stephen Frears’s Florence Foster Jenkins, based with reasonable fidelity on a true story, has to do with Hugh Grant’s rather modest conceit of himself as an actor — or is it that of his character, St. Clair Bayfield? Here is a very successful actor playing a […]

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